Rendezvous Guest No Audio in Live

We're experiencing in issue on 13.1.3 on macOS 10.14.6 where a Rendezvous guest is audible to the operator in Rendezvous, and meters are visible in preview, but as soon as they are cut to live their audio does not go through and there are no meters in the live side.

This seems to happen with some guests and not others, and generally while we are streaming with .264 encoder and recording with the Apple Encoder.


Has anyone else experience anything similar?

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  • Check in the public beta of 13.2 and see if it's still an issue.
    It does seem odd that audio from the guest is available in Rendezvous but not the shot. You mention the live side, are you seeing it in Preview?
    I wouldn't think the encoders are involved since the audio processing would be pre encode. You can test without streaming or record or, maybe, just to a local MOV (ProRes) recording.

  • CraigS Yes it was visible in the Preview Meters

  • Bryce Seifert said:
    CraigS Yes it was visible in the Preview Meters

     Generally, if it's in Preview then it will carry over in the transition. Going to the Live area, by itself, wouldn't cause the audio to drop unless you changed the fader. Perhaps it was coincidental to the loss of audio. Swapping back and forth might expose that.

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