Crash report incl Core Dump - 00753736

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Bug report submitted today as per the details below. Support info and core dump file provided via ticket.

Ticket(s): 00753736
Jira: TBA
Forum Link: https://telestreamforum.forumbee.com/t/y4hxp4s
Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/d7O4rInmu3g
Summary: Crash while using Wirecast - Possibly Rendezvous related

I was doing a test today, with the specific intent of replicating a crash that happened during my last use of the beta. Immediately before the crash, the following things were happening:

I did a regular pre-broadcast startup routine that I've done for a long time. Two guests connected via rendezvous. All OK.

  • Rendezvous audio input was from my mic.
  • Rendezvous video was from my camera.

I had a fair bit of spare time before my intended start time, so I was replicating and re-testing a known bug. I want to get my remote rendezvous guests to confirm if an audio effect applied in the audio mixer would reach them or if it was only live to air. The goal is to have them hear the same as my audience. I did the following.

  • Update audio mixer and apply additional effect - delay.
  • Change rendezvous audio to live output
  • Change shot from screen capture to a composited virtual set
  • Crash - This was a cut transition if that helps.


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