Questions for a Beginner. Sound?


I am going to capture my gameplay on my xbox (which will be shown on my streaming software on my MAC). Then, I am going to have Screenflow capture the video from my MAC (and also have my webcam captured as well). My question is, how do I control what sound is heard? My TV will be on mute and my computer will be on mute as well, because I will be using a mic while talking and explaining what people are seeing.


How can I make it so people can hear me talk and also hear the game. When I stream, everything is on mute (except for the viewers to hear) because I don't want echo's and sound bouncing off my microphone. I am buying the software later this week, but I am trying to do as much research as I can about the software. 

Feel free to email me at power1aj@gmail.com if you want to help me. I am looking for some in depth 1v1 training. I am serious about this, which is why I purchased a brand new high end Macbook Pro. I been streaming for almost 2 years, but I really want to learn how to use screenflow and everything is has to offer. Please help me if you can.

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  • It's not clear how you're getting your XBOX to the computer.
    ScreenFlow can capture one external video source and one external audio source (USB mic, capture from video/audio input, audio input box). 
    It can capture desktop video and computer audio.
    It can do all the above at the same time. 
    Without details about your hardware for video and audio input vs what the computer is presenting, I can't make specific suggestions.

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