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It's great to have a monitor mix so that you can hear everything that's being recorded. However, when building an enterprise studio centered around Wirecast, we often need the ability to send the audio from media or other content within Wirecast to specific output devices. A professional example is having a studio built and needing to hear the B-roll or video footage audio in studio without the microphones coming through those same speakers (causing a feedback loop). Audio would be routed to a secondary soundcard (or digital soundcard via ASIO).This is pivotal and ideal to the growth of Wirecast as a true enterprise/professional platform.

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  • I do (all) my audio in an external mixer. The wirecast output is send into it as a source like all the others. I use a bus output from the mixer to feed into Wirecast. That way you have all control in the mixer and just need to select what is send to Wirecast. This way you have all options including video clips sound etc that play inside of wirecast. I use another bus to the IEM system. Great flexibility that way.

    One concern I would have is the UI stability to use it as a real corporate video mixer. I have ruined my first streams (and customers) with a frozen UI. Hardware mixers are more reliable but htere are some reliable software options out there as well.

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  • Jens Jarke +1

    Audio control and routing in Wirecast (and all software based video mixers) are not capable of anything close to what hardware can. Invest in a good mixer that you can mix minus into a USB audio interface. Being able to control audio levels separately to yourself, a booth and the stream(s) alone will be worth it. Especially if you're doing a studio.

    This will also give you the ability to add gates and compression to mics, if needed due to how people talk, without impacting CPU or processing time.

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  • The feature set with digital hardware mixers is very good. I like the auto mix when I do panel discusions. That allows me to focus on the video switching and let the audio do some kind of magic automation without me need to move faders.

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  • Jens Jarke Nice setup! 

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  • Matthew Potter Agreed! We use Focusrite Scarletts in our video podcast studios. 

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