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It's great to have a monitor mix so that you can hear everything that's being recorded. However, when building an enterprise studio centered around Wirecast, we often need the ability to send the audio from media or other content within Wirecast to specific output devices. A professional example is having a studio built and needing to hear the B-roll or video footage audio in studio without the microphones coming through those same speakers (causing a feedback loop). Audio would be routed to a secondary soundcard (or digital soundcard via ASIO).This is pivotal and ideal to the growth of Wirecast as a true enterprise/professional platform.

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  • Garth Scovill As Jens describes, the delay is the nature of the processing and syncing of multiple sources. Wirecast out is best used when the local viewers/listeners are not watching the original source is well. That would be an overflow room or when those in the Wirecast room want to view and are not in the same room as the live source. 

  • Jens Jarke CraigS 


    Thank you Jens and Craig.  

    Dante Via is another cool tool.  But I'm not sure that I need it.  There's no problem right now in Wirecast with routing the "Preview" or "Live" monitor to a selected audio output.  I'm all about keeping it simple.

    The challenge I'm experiencing is finding a way to route "Live" "Master" Program audio to an audio output on my computer.  If there's a way to do this and I've missed it please help me understand.  So far the only way I've found to get audio out to my sound mixer is to select the "Preview" or "Live" Monitor (the headphones icons) and route that to the desired audio output.  Then connect my external sound mixer to that output

    Streaming and recorded audio is, of course, switched on and off by the speaker looking icon.  My concern here is not about the audio that I'm streaming and recording.  

    When I'm using the Wirecast audio monitor output to feed the local audio system the only place I can actually Monitor and listen to the audio preview or live output is at the external sound mixer with that channel muted at the sound mixer.  Which means that when I'm actually using the Live Monitor selection to feed the external sound mixer with my "Live" program audio, there is no way to monitor preview audio.  I can watch the preview video.  And I can see the preview audio meter bouncing to ensure audio is there and at the right levels.  But I can't actually listen to the preview audio to make sure the correct audio sources are selected before I go live.

    At an event this past weekend I was scrambling to figure out where the extra sound was coming from when I transitioned to the next shot.  Turned out I had an extra audio input selected in the Shot.

    What I'm asking for is some way to route the "Live" "Main" Program audio out to an output that is separate from the Monitor.  Then I can listen to Preview Audio while setting up for the next transition.



    Most of what I'm doing is with a variety of live audiences of 200+ people, while streaming and recording.  Wirecast is used for Image Magnification, playing media, titles, animations, and recording.  I bought Wirecast Pro because it was recommended by a friend.   I'm mostly a one man show so I need to keep it simple.   

    Wirecast is currently working really well for me, except for a quirk or two.  Like the audio processing delay you describe.  Lack of a separate "Live" audio output.  And the one second video delay when using an IP camera such as PTZoptics (I haven't previously mentioned this one.)




  • Garth Scovill You can Monitor either Live or Preview but not both as Wirecast is currently designed.

    Garth Scovill said:
    Like the audio processing delay you describe. 

     It's the nature of the processing. There will be latency.

    Garth Scovill said:
    Lack of a separate "Live" audio output.

    Monitoring Preview or Live. Wirecast can't do both currently.

    Garth Scovill said:
    And the one second video delay when using an IP camera such as PTZoptics (I haven't previously mentioned this one.)

     That can happen at times. We're working at improving that. Wirecast does have the ability to offset each video/audio source individually so that each source can be in sync with each other.

  • Thanks Garry and Jens for your input I am using an external mixer, a beachtek audio transformer on camera and go via thunderbolt to mac mini. Can you share your diagram as to the cabling of your set up? Thanks

  • Fernando Godinez it's a complex setup. I'll get you something though. 

  • And just to ensure we are all on the same page with my feature request: The goal is to be able to assign a specific asset a separate/secondary monitoring/output option for audio. 

  • Garry Lee Thank you sir greatly appreciated, have a great day 👌

  • Garry Lee That might work sending out of USB which takes a different path than the computer's sound card.

  • CraigS yeah. We do it now in Windows 10 with specific apps. Just need that feature on WireCast for mp4 and mp3 assets. 

  • Garry Lee I've reported the interest to the developers.

  • CraigS 💯

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  • CraigS said:
    I've reported the interest to the developers.

    If it helps "motivate" your developers, the video below shows that your competitors already have solutions for this requirement.


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  • Seems that Vmix already does with audio monitoring what I'd like Wirecast to do.

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  • The competition is able to listen as well. And their DEV is fast. There are pros and cons for both sides. 

  • Jens Jarke said:
    And their DEV is fast.

     It certainly is. Keep in mind being cross-platform does impact development time and complexity.

  • Sorry, Craig, that is a very flat argument. Netflix is releasing every 10 seconds or so and believe me they have to deal with almost all platforms available on the planet.

    Time from bug to fix is very impressive. I wish this would be ever possible with Telestream.

    The UI stability/freezes I live with since my early days of wirecast version 4. And since today it still happens. People have written scripts to launch wirecast in a really blank state to minimize the issue. No matter what feature you will come up with if the software dies regularly it is very hard to find arguments with paying customers.

  • Jens Jarke Development priorities may differ between companies and capacity. Stability should be greatly improved in 13. Some improvements are not obvious front end features.

  • I couldn't agree more. 

  • If each audio “stream” was available as a “channel” from Wirecast, then on a Mac, you can route each as you wish with Rogue Amoeba’s Loopback (and Audio Hijack, for further recording / processing). So at least make them available. 

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  • Richard Zultner  I absolutely agree. Please Wirecast, listen. 

  • Did anything happen regarding this topic? Haven't found any solution yet. :/

    This threat is from last September/October...

  • Robin Jag I wish. still have our workaround in place.

  • I can't speak on details but the developers are discussing.

    Robin Jag  Have you voted for this? That can influence priority.

  • we need this...so hard

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  • Investigating the feature request. Our internal reference WIRE-14179

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