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It's great to have a monitor mix so that you can hear everything that's being recorded. However, when building an enterprise studio centered around Wirecast, we often need the ability to send the audio from media or other content within Wirecast to specific output devices. A professional example is having a studio built and needing to hear the B-roll or video footage audio in studio without the microphones coming through those same speakers (causing a feedback loop). Audio would be routed to a secondary soundcard (or digital soundcard via ASIO).This is pivotal and ideal to the growth of Wirecast as a true enterprise/professional platform.

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  • As been said before, it would be helpful to be able to route audio to different busses an then to separate outputchannels on, for instance, a multichannel soundcard, just as you are able now to have multiple inputs from a soundcard.

    Another thing thats annoying is that the input channels in the mixer only shows when their live. I would like to be able to adjust levels in preview. It seems logic since you can monitor audio in preview, don´t you think?

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  • Beeing able to use routing with Dante or AVB would be the best I can think of right now. For example mixing ALL wirecast inputs and sources in my motu avb device and sending the final back to program. Such a dreram! 

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  • Can I add my voice to this request. 

    It would be solve a lot of headache for us if you could extend the current audio 'map' feature to simply allow a different monitoring audio interface per track.


    For our streams last year we required some live presenting, live cross interviewing and a lot of VT (file) playback. There were lots of guests to be interviewed (~10-15 in an hour show) and VT playback in between each live cross.

    As we were presenting awards 'live' we opted for Skype for the live interviews – with an external machine and operator lining people up. We used an NDI viewer on the Skype machine to view a feed full screen, then sent video and audio via HDMI to a mixer (Roland VR50mkII) connected to the Wirecast machine. This enabled audio and video acquisition into Wirecast.

    (There was more complexity to this setup as the Skype machine had a separate video switcher to enable us to feed the remote either a picture and audio of the operator, or the show live or just the presenter) 

    Presenter audio was also handled through the Roland. This gave our audio operator physical control of audio levels for the presenter and guests. We were also able to use the mixer to create a mix-minus for the presenter in-ear so they could hear the skype interviewee but not themselves. 

    The kicker was audio from the file playback within Wirecast. There was no way to output this on a separate audio device to add in to the mix-minus mix for the presenter. The work around was clunky – we took the general monitor mix from wirecast – fed it back into the mixer providing the presenter in-ear just so the presenter could hear the file playback from wirecast. The producer then manually muted this on the mixer when there was no file playback.

    Very complicated to explain – but we couldn't find another solution.

    Easy solution: allow the user to define a different audio device for each track.

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      Shaun Humphreys Thanks for the very detailed workflow exemplifying the needs. I sent the use case example to the developers investigating the feature request.

    • Shaun Humphreys We have used that same solution, but for safety the first second and last second gets cut off from the return.  No such problem with the competition.

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