Rendezvous Guest Has Echo

In Wirecast 8 Studio, I connect with a Rendezvous Guest during a YouTube Live Stream. When the headphones icon in the audio output is toggled live, I can hear the guest great, but there is an echo on the live stream side (I only noticed this when actually viewing my live stream on YouTube). When I turn off the headphones icon, the echo goes away but I can no longer hear my guest.

My system set-up uses a USB microphone with the WireCast audio output set to "USB Audio" in preferences. The audio mixing board is placed on layer 5, while the Rendezvous guest is on layer 2, with my main studio shots on layer 3. My only audio input / output device is the USB audio on layer 5, all other audio sources on the layer 3 cameras as disabled.

Tech Specs: Wirecast 8.1.1, MacBook Pro, MacOS High Sierra 10.13.1

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  • Please monitor Wirecast through headphone out jack to speakers or headphones. 
    It's possible that going back to your mixing board (via USB) may be creating a loop.

  • Thanks for the help. That worked like a charm.


    Now the only issue I have is I can't hear my voice through my headphones which kind of throws me off. I did enable the "monitor" button under the USB Audio settings in Wirecast, and my voice did pass through to the headphone jack, but there's a slight enough delay that it makes it all but impossible to talk coherently. Any suggestions?

  • Jacob Burton Yes there will be a slight delay due to processing. That's unavoidable. Wirecast does have Mix Minus so you can remove your audio from monitoring but it'll still go out live.

  • Wanted to do a quick update since I found a solution I'm happy with for future community members who may stumble across this thread.

    What Craig said worked, but I've grown so use to hearing my own voice in my headphones as I talk it just felt really uncomfortable to no longer have that live feedback. I did a little research and ended up spending $10 on a Belkin Audio 5 way splitter. What's cool about the Belkin, is any additional sound input will come out the headphone jack without causing a short like a normal Y cable would.

    So I plugged the Belkin into my Mac Book, and into the Belkin I plugged in my Studio headphones and a line out from my USB mixing board. Now I can monitor everything put out by Wirecast through my Mac Book's headphone jack, and also hear my own voice come through from my USB mixing board as I talk with no delay.


  • Jacob Burton Nice workflow tip. Thanks for that.

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