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This is to discuss the AKAI APC mini controller.

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  • Just bought the APC mini and I'm having a fun time setting up my different layers. The only thing I can't get to work are the sliders on the bottom that are supposed to control the audio mixer (I assumed volume?). I can easily select different audio sources (which I have on layer five) using the corresponding buttons, but the sliders don't do anything.

    Also, not to get greedy and ask for another feature as soon as you rolled this one out, but it would be great to have a button that allowed me to toggle auto live mode directly from the midi controller. As a solo broadcaster who does the switching myself, I would find this super helpful ... or as someone else pointed out, custom mapping in general for keys that aren't in the 5X8 matrix.

    Thanks for this feature though; I'm really enjoying it. Hope I can get the audio sliders to work.

    Running MacBook Pro, OSX Sierra 10.13.2, 2.5ghz Intel Core i7, 16 GB ram

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  • Is anyone else having the issue when making changes to any of the shots the MIDI controller stops working?  If I go into the "Preferences" for the MIDI Controller and un-select the "APC MINI" and re-select it the Wirecast App with just stop responding.

    As long as I don't make any changes in the "Inspector" of Wirecast the MIDI controller works fine. 

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  • We are looking into this, thanks for alerting us.

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  • Jacob Burton said:
    I can easily select different audio sources (which I have on layer five) using the corresponding buttons, but the sliders don't do anything.

     The sliders currently only function when the audio mixer window is open, as changing shots can change what position an audio source is in. 

    Jacob Burton said:
    toggle auto live mode directly from the midi controller

      This is already planned for XKEYS support, but it will likely get added to midi controllers at some point down the road.

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  • I bought the APC MINI but i don’t t know  how to set it up is there anyone that can explain me how to do it are you using  any software for remapping or is it integrated in the wirecast 8


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  • Anyone else have this issue...

    Start of a show (stream & record) MIDI works perfectly, nice and fast.

    One hour into show... MIDI buttons have a 2 or 3 second delay. Press MIDI button to change shot, even when set to Auto Live mode it turns green first, waits 2 or 3 seconds, then turns red.

    Two hours into show... 5 or 6 second delay.

    Three hours into show... 8 seconds delay and basically unless as impossible to switch to correct shot in a reasonable amount of time as you cannot predict 8 seconds into the future.

    This is super, super frustrating.

    Anyone else have this issue? I raised a support ticket.

    Multi-view output displays the lag clearly too by highlighting new shot in green for several seconds before going red (even when set to automatically go live on shot select). Main wirecast controller UI seems to update the output preview instantly, but the stream and recordings also delayed.

    Makes wirecast unusable for me.

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  • Would love some help please Bryce Stejskal !

    If this bug didnt exist, I'd love Wirecast more than anything else in world.

    As it stands though I can't really use it.

    I only have 4 shots too (4 seperate USB cams) 1 layer each, no other software running, only recording output to hard drive and 1 stream, on a maxxed out brand new MacBook Pro 15" with every top end option I could get, bought a few weeks ago.

    It is such an annoying bug / issue 😂


    Please please help

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  • LM 4 USB cams and a Midi Controller all on the USB bus. Perhaps it's a USB bus issue. Is anything going through a USB hub? Perhaps list how you have everything connected including external monitors and drives. 

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  • CraigS Yes, two cameras on one hub, two cameras and MIDI on another HUB, all into a Belkin Thunderbolt 3 docking hub into a MacBook Pro Thunderbolt 3 (USBC) port. 

    The video feed however stays perfectly in sync, audio works great, everything is fine.

    The MIDI USB is working too as it still changes colours when you press it and using Keyboard Maestro It can detect button presses on MIDI keyboard to play sound effects instantly (however, I have also tested without hat software incase that was the fault - it isn't related - but proved to me USB wasnt issue I don't think)

    Really appreciate your help here thank you for helping me

    Hope to resolve it

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  • LM Keep in mind that Wirecast is accessing all the buses at the same time in order to allow for compositing so the load on the bus may be heavier than with other programs. Since the issue is latency rather than no response at all it wold seems almost as if the MIDI messages are "low priority"

    Let's try something. Remove all other USB devices and create several shots just using JPEGs or PNGs and switch those shots MIDI controller directly into a USB port, not a hub. If, over time, you still get a growing latency than that wouldn't be bus related. 

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  • Thank you! An excellent suggestion. I will try exactly that and report back.

    If it is as you suggest, might using a second USB-C port dedicated to MIDI device help?

    Also I find it odd it progressively slows down, but thank you again

    I will report back ASAP once tested your idea

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  • LM You're welcome of course. Looking forward to your report.

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  • @craigs did you ever hear back from LM? I just ordered my Mini Midi and I'm looking for a tutorial for setting it up and using it. I'm having lots of issues with audio and hoping to have controls via the new device. 

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  • Jim Munchbach tagging LM

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