How to Stream on Zoom with Wirecast - Audio Troubleshooting Answers


I recently was tasked with streaming from wirecast to Zoom by a client for some online webinars. 

I had a great deal of difficulty getting the audio to work with a media file but after nearly 3 days and 9 phone calls/15 emails, I finally fixed my problems and wanted to share with you some steps to successful audio in Zoom.

First, you want to open wirecast before doing anything with Zoom. 

Once wirecast is open you want to go to the virtual camera out and select HD720p (or desired canvas size) and also make sure the Virtual Microphone is checked.  THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT.  Then select START in the virtual camera out.

Then you want to head over to the Zoom website.

CLICK MY ACCOUNT then on the LEFT side go to MyMeeting Settings

Scroll down to where it says InMeeting Advanced and make sure (Allow users to select audio in their client settings) & (Allow users to select original sound in their client settings) are both highlighted BLUE.


UNDER ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT ON THE LEFT you will need to do the EXACT same thing as above.  Select both (Allow users to select audio in their client settings) & (Allow users to select original sound in their client settings) so they turn blue.


You must log out of zoom, and log back in.


Open the Zoom.us application and select SETTINGS in the upper right side.


Make sure the Wirecast Virtual Microphone is selected under Microphone section

Check the enable stereo box AND Allow option for using original sound from microphone in meeting


When you are streaming in Zoom, make sure you select the Wirecast Virtual Microphone as well as the Virtual Camera.

LAST STEP is on the stream screen in zoom, on the upper left will be a drop down menu and you want to select (Allow option for original sound)

Hope this helps others.  It would have saved me about 20 hours if this was available when I needed it.

Happy casting!

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  • Greg Kuhnert that’s interesting about using the NDI virtual tool, good spot Matthew. The reason I thought that Skype was tanker altogether is that I immediately tested it, on my computer with the exact configuration that only the day previously worked fine, and suddenly my test caller on Skype was not showing up within wirecast. The NDI caller was there within the network tab and selectable, but all I got when I brought in was a black screen source. Maybe a different issue, I’ll have to do some testing to figure. While I’m here, does anyone know how to remap the incoming Skype audio that seems to come in mono and on one channel, so it’s at least duplicated to left and right? And is it still the case that with Skype, your audio layer for each caller contains the audio for every other caller? Even if their not selected as an NDI source? 



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  • So, I just wanted to followup on this whole conversation thread for Windows users

    Wirecast's Virtual Camera still works in:

    1. Zoom
    2. Discord
    3. Browsers (Chrome/Firefox/Edge)
    4. OBS
    5. Gnuralnet LTA

    Wirecast's Virtual Camera DOES NOT work in:

    1. Skype
    2. VMix

    If there is a software you'd like me to check, DM me and I will test+add to the lists above.

  • Ryan Keane 

    Ryan Keane said:
    that’s interesting about using the NDI virtual tool

    Subsequent to that solution, I am advised that the downloadable version (not the App Store version) of Skype for Windows works with Wirecast. However, upgrades/updates cannot be skipped. OSX users are still unable to use the Wirecast Virtual Camera.

    To add to Matthew's list, my testing and/or compiled report data confirms:

    Wirecast's Virtual Camera still works in:

    1. Browsers (I didn't re-test - but worked last time I tried)
    2. OBS

    Wirecast's Virtual Camera DOES NOT work in:

    1. Zoom (Based on past reports - need to reconfirm)
    2. Discord (Confirmed)
    3. Skype (Confirmed)
    4. ScreenFlow (Reported elsewhere in this forum)

    Greg Kuhnert

  • New Zoom update set to be released tomorrow 5.0.4 that officially re-enables virtual camera support - https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201361963

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  • Zoom 5.0.4 update allows Virtual Camera on Mac again.

  • Wirecast 13.1.3, Skype 8.6.0, Windows 10, Wirecast Virtual Camera works fine in Skype.

  • Wirecast 13.1.3 Virtual Camera works in
     Skype 8.60 Windows and Zoom 5.0.4 Both Mac and Windows
    Not working on Skype on Mac

  • CraigS said:
    Wirecast 13.1.3 Virtual Camera works in  Skype 8.60 Windows and Zoom 5.0.4 Both Mac and Windows Not working on Skype on Mac

    That appears to be a confusing statement. Especially since there is no such thing as Skype 8.60 ....

    For clarity, I confirmed that the Wirecast 13.1.3 virtual microphone

    • does NOT work with Skype on OSX.
    • does NOT work with Skype from the Microsoft app store
    • DOES work with Skype downloaded with direct download link (an older release version). However, it should be noted that there is no way of preventing updates. When/if Microsoft chose to push the version in the Appstore out to non App Store users, it will be broken there as well.

    Greg Kuhnert

  • CraigS I am still not seeing Wirecast Virtual Camera in for Windows.

  • CraigS And as a confirmation that Wirecast Virtual camera is installed, here is Google Hangouts (Chrome) which shows that it is available there:

  • Matthew Potter Have you started Wirecast Virtual Camera? You won't see it unless it's started in Wirecast.
    It most definitely works.

  • CraigS Interesting you say that...

  • It looks like you had Skype already started. Start Virtual Camera first. Then open Skype. 

  • CraigS So, you're telling me that I need to force quit skype (a program that is perpetually running on all of my machines), then open and launch the virtual camera in Wirecast? This is ONLY the case for Skype. No other application on my system needs this. OBS, vMix, Virtual Input... All of them have a static virtual camera that is ALWAYS available even with the application not running. Hell, even my 360 camera runs a virtual camera to have a placeholder. If I'm on a call or scheduling an event, you're telling me that I need to start Wirecast and all the other aspects of the virtual camera prior to even doing tech checks and pre-event comms?

    Indeed. You are correct. Skype was in the background. It was already launched, and logged in. And doing so DOES NOT ALLOW Wirecast to have a virtual camera functioning within it. That's on me. The manner in which I could make that mistake however is on you. You stand alone as the ONLY application that requires it.

    OH! And I swear to Gutenberg himself, if you suggest making a "Feature request" or "Submit a form"... This is not how virtual cameras are supposed to work.

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