Keyboard shortcut do not work correct way


I have problem with keydoard shortcuts. If I put scoreboard to Master layer 1 and other  shots to Master layer 2 and change between those shots with keyboard shortcuts ( eg 1,2 and 3) Master layer 1 scoreboard shot is not selected anymore.

But if I click Master layer 2 shots with mouse, then Master layer 1 scoreboard shot stays visible. Due I stream sports with quick action it´s quite hard to use mouse.

Wirecast version 12 it keyboard shortcuts this worked.

Is there something I don´t understand or is keyboard shortcuts somehow broken.

I use win 10 64 bit ( 1903) and Wirecast version is 13.0.0.

I tried with Wirecast 13 demo version with my laptop with same result.

-- Nepa

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  • Can you provide a visual example (screen recording) showing this so we can reproduce?

  • Hi,

    Here is example. 

    Layers are named 1,2,3 as keyboard shortcuts. PDC logo represent scoreboard.

    When I select layer with mouse logo is stays above of layers, but when I hit keys 1,2 or 3 it dissapears.

    When I test this I thoght that problem had dissapeared. Logo stays visible with keyboard shortcuts too, but after I save project, close Wirecast and open Wirecast again problem is back.


  • Nepa 12 Tested on my system. I see the same issue so I can confirm.
    Fill out the Wirecast Support Form and let them know I can confirm as well Wirecast 13, Windows 10.

  • Support Form filled.

  • Nepa 12 We'll send you a case number while we investigate and fix.

  • Hi, I thought this was just me. If I assign shortcut keys to shots on a low layer, when I hit the shortcut key I lose the graphics sitting on the layers above it. Any help (update?) would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hi,

    I have done case to Telestream desktop support 29.10.

    I got this answer from them:

    Thank you for contacting Wirecast support. I would be happy to assist you.I apologize, as this is a known issue our development team is currently working to resolve.I will add your case to the escalation, and update you when there is any new information.If you need assistance with anything else in the interim, please let us know.

    After that, I have not heard anything new about this issue.


  • Nepa 12 Some if these fixes do take time to implement and test. It is being worked on. The case number is to allow you to communicate with a specific reference. You can use that to ask for a status update.

  • Andy Johnson The best way to get an update is to fill out the form and with the case number we send you, you can ask for a status update. 

    We generally avoid posting updates because fixes need to be tested and confirmed first so dates can shift a bit. We are working on this fix and when it's good to go it'll be in the subsequent update for sure.

  • Thank you both, looks like it's in hand.

    I use joysticks programmed with particular keystrokes for different camera angles so losing all the graphics on top is a bit frustrating when changing cameras.

    Fingers crossed it's sorted soon.

  • Andy Johnson said:
    Fingers crossed it's sorted soon.

     It certainly should be.

  • Add me as having the same issue.  I've since uninstalled all the 13.x.x versions and reinstalled 12.x.x versions.  Here's a little mystery... again, same thing as others describe.  In my case, live cameras on Layer 3, lower third keys on Layer 2, nothing on Layer 1.  I mouse-select a Layer 2 lower-third keyed over a Layer 3 camera, then switch to another camera with a 'keyboard shortcut' -- which, like described above, undesirably clears the lower third on Layer 2.  But, I mouse-click the 'Clear Layer' box on Layer 1, and Layer 2 reappears (keyed over Layer 3). 

    I realize this doesn't help at all, but seems to add more quirkyness to the whole thing. 

    Looking forward to reinstalling version 13.x.x or maybe 14.x.x soon.

  • Brad We'll have another 13.1 beta coming out soon which may fix this.

  • Any progress on the keyboard shortcut dilemma?  I really want to reinstall 13.0.2 instead of living with the 12.x.x -- especially since I'm paying a yearly subscription fee for all the Wirecast updates & upgrades.


  • Brad As per my previous post, please see 13.1 Beta 2. We've fixed a lot of issues. 

  • CraigS Thanks.  Please understand that I don't frequent this forum but once or twice a year -- or when I encounter a problem.  Your "previous post" didn't tell me there was software that I could download.  I didn't know I could, nor did I know anything about being able to access Beta versions of anything.  So, I had to snoop just now to even find it; which I did.  I d/l'd it, installed it, and the keyboard shortcut issues I had (can't speak for others here) have been resolved. 

    So, label me as happily ignorant.

  •  I tested 13.1 Beta 2 and keyboard shortcuts works now fine.

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  • Nepa 12 Thanks for testing but please post comments on the beta in the beta discussion forum as well as that's where the developers are looking for feedback.

  • Hi, the shortcut keys don't remove the higher layers anymore but i still think there's a problem. When using a shortcut key the transition isn't picking up the selected transition mode, it only picks up the 'smooth' transition - is anyone able to confirm?

    (if you manually click on the shots the transition modes work fine)

  • Hi,

    I have filled Support Form about this issue. Topic " Keyboard short cuts only gives cross dissolve when switching cameras." about month ago.

  • Nepa 12 Please post the case number so I can track it as well.

  • Using Keyboard Shortcut for two shots, Wirecast set to Cut, AutoLike.
    The shots Cut, not Dissolve.

  • And this with two layers tied to single shortcut commands. Both cut, not dissolve.

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