Webcam video not available 13

Updated macbook pro2011 running wirecast 6

to latest 2019 Pro 2.3, I.9, Mojave 10.14.6 running wirecast 13.0.0

Panasonic HC-V550M via blackmagic thunderbolt-usbc adapter


Everything is working well except for 1 small bug 

I cannot get wirecast to import either of 2 webcams

both logitech either C920 or C930e


I'm only trying one at a time via apple usbc adapter & wirecast recognises they are there but no video, I have lowered resolution changed settings....


The webcams do work with logitech's latest drivers but video is unavailable in wirecast


Any help would be appreciated

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  • All fixed... need to allow new version of wirecast permission to access cameras 

    Security and privacy issue in preferences... found this problem in another thread... still getting my head around mojave 🙂

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  • Wirecast 13.0 runs on Mojave very well. Catalina would also require security settings to be checked.

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  • Did  a 2 hr live stream today all went well apart from one issue with auto live.

    any changes to text in preview window also went live whilst typing...  with auto live off

    It made it very frustrating to have to blank shot every time we wanted to change text in any layers 

    Is this something new with v13 (we are upgrading directly from v6) hopefully I am just missing a setting

    Help pls

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  • Kieran Macnamara said:
    any changes to text in preview window also went live whilst typing...  with auto live off

     I don't believe this is new. Version t is very old. It's done because many users want to make changes while live. This was a very popular feature request actually. You can duplicate the text to change for another shot. You should watch our tutorials to familiarize yourself with the changes. There are many and they are significant.

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