Wirecast Interface with LiveU

Hi all,

We are to do a streaming using LiveU LU500 with only inputs of SDI/HDMI.

Checking if there's a way we can output both the video and audio to the device. Tried using the External Display Output, and figured out only video can be outputted

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  • You'd need to use a capture/playback card that supports doing SDI/HDMI output.  We currently only support Wirecast A/V output to cards from Blackmagic or AJA.

  • Amador Custer Hi Amador, do you have any workflow for this. The equipment that we have as of the moment is the BlackMagic Studio Express.

  • Cedric Dela Cruz

    Firstly, you'll need to have a Pro level license in order to have a non-watermarked BlackMagic output.  Make a connection to the LU500 from the UltraStudio Express and in Wirecast, under the 'Output' menu, select the name of your capture card and click 'Start Output' after configuring your desired resolution and framerate within the same flyout menu.

  • Amador Custer Do I get this right. First I connect the LU500 in either the SDI/HDMI Out of the UltraStudio Express. Then of course connect the UltraStudio Express in my Mac through lightning cable for power. The only I can't do is the Start Output. See attached of my Output Menu.

  • Cedric Dela Cruz With a Wirecast Pro license and the Blackmagic driver installed you should see something like this (see linked explanation)



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  • CraigS Hi Craig! Thanks for this! So would this mean I need to buy a DeckLink Studio 2? My current setup includes my mac laptop and a UltraStudio Express, and of course the camera setup through a Mini Recorder. Can the UltraStudio Express work as a capture card? I'm working on Wirecast Pro Version 7.7. Our use case includes capturing a video and employing chroma key for the green screen, hence we need to go through Wirecast. What would you recommend to go about this if we are to output the live screen fn the Wirecast to LiveU LU500?

  • Cedric Dela Cruz said:
    Thanks for this! So would this mean I need to buy a DeckLink Studio 2?

     That's just the example in the screenshot. A Blackmagic device that supports output may work. Is your UltraStudio Express Thunderbolt (there may have been a USB3 version)? The MiniRecorder is an input only device. The Express would have to be used for Output only. If it's seized as an input at any point it would not work as an output.

    It's theoretically possible to use External Display Output with the computer's HDMI out but be aware you have to make sure it's carrying audio out as well and that the signal is "legal video" to ensure the LiveU accepts it as a compatible input but Wirecast Pro Video Out would be the recommended way to go.

  • CraigS Ohhh. Uhm my UltraStudio Express runs on thunderbolt. I’ve tried using External Display Output, but no audio went out. Is this normal? And is Wirecast Pro Video Out and add-on feature?


    Thanks for assisting Craig! 

  • Cedric Dela Cruz Thunderbolt should be OK. Video Out is a Wirecast Pro (not Studio) feature.

    For External Display Output. Depending on your computer you may be able to set audio out of HDMI. This would be a sound setting in your computer. That would be typical if you were sending to an HDMI Monitor or HDTV with built in speakers. Also check Wirecast Preferences Audio Interface. You would also make sure Wirecast monitoring (headphone icon) is enabled because one would be "monitoring" out this way. 

  • CraigS Thanks, Craig! Will check the External Display Output. 


    Do you have any documentation on the Video Out feature for Wirecast Pro?

  • Cedric Dela Cruz 

    The instructions are very simple.


  • CraigS Thanks Craig! External Display Worked perfectly.


    Thank you so much! Will look into this as well.



  • Cedric Dela Cruz said:
    CraigS Thanks Craig! External Display Worked perfectly.

     That's great to hear. You're welcome of course. 

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