Reliability Issues with Desktop presenter and NDI

Has anyone got solid reliable and repeatable results with Desktop Presenter or NDI desktop capture over the years?

Quick Brief of our situation. We run 3 Live webinars a week, that vary in length from 50 minutes, to 3 hours. We have been running these for the last 5 years. As far as I can remember, we have always had issues with desktop presenters reliability. The most recent issues have been: It dropping out randomly during a webinar, and not being able to re-connect without completely restarting Wirecast. It freezes on page before connection was lost, so it looks the same in the shot thumbnail before I switch. This is a big problem for us as we present our sales pitch on the laptop, and not having that come through does loose sales for us. 

We are using the most recent Version of Wirecast, 9.01, but this has been a problem throughout the versions. We run 7 computers on our network, however it is high speed (400mbps download 200mbps upload). We run both the laptop and Wirecast mac over ethernet so no issues there. 

I have also downloaded vMix Desktopcapture as recommended by Telestream support. However within 15 minutes of testing, it proved to be more unreliable than desktop presenter, dropping out multiple times.

Just wondering if someone does have reliable results with a similar setup, or if there is another type of NDI Program I can try.


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  • NDI is recent technology. It's not clear that you've tried Newtek's tools.
    If all the tools are presenting the same issue it's possible there's an issue on your local network. You may want to try a direct wired connection or a dedicated router.

  • Hi CraigS 

    What are the plans for Remote Desktop Presenter? Is it being worked on to make it stable in the next release? Or alternatively, has Telestream considered removing it totally, and possibly licensing NDI products as a bundled replacement? To use an Australian term, "Why bother flogging a dead horse?"


  • Greg Kuhnert said:
    What are the plans for Remote Desktop Presenter?

     I think NDI is the new direction. DTP is still there for legacy needs. It's dormant for the time being.

  • CraigS Is Newtek tools the Scan converter? I tried that the other day. The Vmix one actually ended up giving me better results so far, but I could be using it wrong. I will do a bit more research into the NDI side of things! A direct wired connection through ethernet may be an issue as the computer is also the streaming computer so we use the ethernet port for the upload etc

  • Jono Matla Newtek tools includes Scan Converter. They've had several updates so it's important to make sure you have the current version (by re-downloading their Tools). Given the technology, LAN issues can have an impact. Direct wired connections ensures best reliability.

  •  CraigS Cool, Will give them another try. What would a direct wired connection look like? 

  • Jono Matla You can use a crossover cable or a dedicated router. not part of the LAN, used only for this purpose.

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