Skype Caller Not Seeing Virtual Cam Output

  • OS (complete version x.x.x) - Windows 7 Ultimate
  • Wirecast Version Name - Wirecast 6.0.8
  • Computer Model and CPU type = PC Intel i7 - 4.0 Ghz
  • Input sources of the video/audio and type of connection used including: Skype 7.26, Logitech HD Webcam 640x480, 30fps,  

My question involves my skype caller not being able to see the virtual cam output.  He does have his skype set to receive video. When I have his skype shot setup, I can see and hear and record him in Wirecast np.  When I start the virtual cam out, I can see it in skype myself, he cannot.  

I'm using desktop presenter on one pc. I have no issues streaming anything to anywhere ELSE such as youtube or meemeetv or other cdns.  Thank you for your suggestions. 

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  • It's possible that the problem has to do with the caller's version of Skype. If you can see it on your end in Skype, you're sending it. Older versions of Skype, Skype on some mobile devices, bandwidth issues on the caller's side, are all possible issues.

  • Hi Craig, nope that's not it.  I posted this in another thread where someone was having the same issue but they were using an ipad. 

    Hi guys, I am using Wirecast 6.0.8 and Skype 7.26. I have the exact same issue. I am calling someone ELSE who also is using skype 7.26.  He is also using a virtual camera software that sends video to ME, perfectly fine. HOWEVER, when I attempt to send Wirecast virtual cam to him, my skype video icon greys out and no video is sent.  When I send video from Manycam for instance, its fine, no issues ever, but I'm NOT using that at the moment.  I'm also using Windows 7 Ultimate. So... no ipad is being used HERE. What could be the issue? We have a ridiculous amount of bandwidth:)  

  • Please continue in the other thread.

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