Stream to two facebook accounts at the same time?

Is this possible? Im on wirecast 6.0.7



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  • I haven't tried it but if you setup two Facebook destinations, each has its own login. I'm not sure if logging into one impact the other though.

    You can stream to more than one Page you Admin in one account.

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  • Ive tried only once with two personal accounts and it gave me an error. I will try again tomorrow, but I need to stream to accounts, not to pages... I presume It will not work tough

  • Two accounts may not work.
    It might be a reasonable feature request.
    Can you explain why you'd be streaming to two accounts?
    The developers may not have thought that would be important or common.

    Unless they're Personal Profile Pages, One account holder can make another person an Admin and then you'd be able to stream to that page as well.

    Craig Admins Page X
    Juan Admins Page Y
    Craig makes Juan an Admin of Page X as well so they are both Admins of that Page.
    Juan can now stream to both Page X and Y.

  • Im actually streaming to my fb and ytb channels at the same time. Streaming to two fb accounts allows to choose or limit who will see my streams, for example, I could stream mon-tue&wed to friends in one account1 and only mondays to friends account2 (streaming to 2 fb accounts at one will allow me not to do 2 different streams for mondays, but doing one and using it for both groups of people or accounts). Hope I have explained it right, lol.

    I think it will be a reasonable request for future upgrades, what do you think Craig?.

    (by the way, I dont know why, but doing that in 720p on both Fb and Ytb plataforms, Youtube stream quality is better than the facebook one...?). 

  • It's not clear what kind of Pages you're streaming to. Personal Profile Pages or Pages you Admin?

    You can have more than one Admin on those Pages. As per my previous post you can make both the accounts the Admin of certain pages.

    Facebook only has one 720p preset. YouTube has 6 720p presets so they may not match. 

  • The test Ive made (that didnt work) was trying to stream to two Personal Pages at the same time. The reason for doing this with personal pages and not with pages Im admin (like fan pages or product pages) is that with Personal pages I can filter who will see my streams, and with Pages im admin this is not possible (every person has liked my page will see it among the live stream is shared in public by facebook )

  • Ive made a second test, streaming to a personal page and a product page Ive on A DIFFERENT personal account. This time Ive got no error, both accounts was streaming, but no video on the product account. I will keep doing some test with other possiblities.

  • I think the more common situation is streaming to personal and "product" page or multiple product pages. Product pages can have multiple Admins.


    Can you explain a bit more about two personal profile pages (two accounts)? I don't think that's common (but I could be wrong of course). 

    You can certainly put in the feature request but you're going to have make a persuasive case why you'd need to setup things that way instead of personal and (multiple) product pages.

    Wirecast Feature Request Form

  • With the latest version of Wirecast you can now stream simultaneously to two accounts. Im guessing you could browdcast to more than two, but for my test I only used two.

    Besides this, you can also broadcast to YT and Twitter (via Periscope) and groups and pages you admin.


    Great job Wirecast! 

    Thumbs up!

  • Eugen Thanks for that review.

  • REALLY??!!! Eugen or Craig... would one of you be so kind as to tell us how to do that?

    You would be our hero!!

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  • Sorry guys...

    It did work and then... didn't..

    Im not sure if it is because of the application or.... my computer... I will keep try and get back to you when/if I hav news.

  • Eugen It might be a bit tricky to set up. Once you've Created the Location you have to make sure you don't lose it. See if you spot a pattern. Perhaps this is something we need to work on. Make sure you're using Wirecast 7.7.

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