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So ive been hired to stream a Darts match. During the match i have 3 cameras 1 on the full dart board. 1 on the player. These 2 are split 50/50 on screen. 


When a player is down to his last shot i would like to zoom in on a part of the dart board. I can do this manually but its fast paced. 

Is there a way i can zoom and remember that position or have zoom markers. So i would need 21 markers. Or if that is too many i can cover 2 positions with 1 marker. 

Do you understand my question. 

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  • Create two shots. One is start position. The other is the end position using Shot Layer properties and then use Smooth transition to go from one to the other.



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  • You can select a faster transition speed of course.

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  • Ok so what you suggested is slightly right but needs to be instant. 

    After posting i had a thought of just adding lots of shots of the same source at different positions. Rather than move my camera just have select a shot that is preset to that zoom. 

    What's my maximum shots on a layer?

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  • Stephen Tosh said:
    but needs to be instant. 

     You can easily cut between two positions. Wirecast always allows you to duplicate shots and use a different scale, position, rotation for each. Yes you can add lots of shots. There's no hard limit I know of (never had a report of anyone not being able to add more shots). I assume memory and system resources might come into play at some point though. 

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