The zoom lens function.

I want to expand a specific area of a Movie and play,
like AE preview window.

When we play 4K movie by full HD monitor, I think this function is very convenient.

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  • Can you explain in more detail?
    How would you like this to work?

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  • Hi CraigS,


    Sometimes, we get 4K footage to check playback.

    If everyone have 4K or 5K monitors, we can check pixel by pixel.

    But a lot of users still have typical HD monitors.


    In Switch, there are "Zoom Out" and "Zoom In", but it depends on monitor size.


    for example,

    When I have 4000 x 2000 movie file on HD monitor (1920 x 1200), Window size will be expand up to 1920 (Width) .

    There is "Double size" in View Menu.

    But Window size will fit up to Monitor resolution.

    Sample Image for zooming.



    Target Area


    Zoom In (such as Pixel by Pixel and more zoom)




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  • Each of you do make the feature request by filling out the form and include the examples or link to this forum thread so developers can see you example.

    Switch Feature Request Form

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