Wirecast 13.0.1 Released October 29, 2019

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Link to PDF Release Notes


Wirecast 13.0.1
• Fixes
o WIRE-16454–On Windows, smooth transitions between two shots that contain
the same source is working again, after briefly trying to break free and take over
the world.
o WIRE-16445– Main Shot Layers now remember their sizes when a saved
document is reopened. A little Ginkgo Biloba did the trick.
o WIRE-16442– Also fixed was Wirecast’s ability to remember the Controller
selected in Preferences.
o WIRE-16440- Recorded audio from Rendezvous guests was sometimes having
dropouts or was garbled. You can hear it again now.
o WIRE-16479– When an input format changes to a Magewell capture card, the
audio will no longer stop working from that device.
o WIRE-16432– The YouTube’s Create Event Menu now correctly shows the dark
mode color scheme. Handy for when you actually want to see the text. o WIRE-16425–Sources from BlackMagic capture cards that don’t support
automatic format detection were not being found when upgrading to version 13. We found them and helped them get back to where they belong. They’re fine. A little shaken, but basically fine.
o WIRE-16240- Sometimes certain areas of the app would appear in English when they shouldn’t. We’ve fixed that bit of linguistic imperialism.
o WIRE-15656–Fixed a crash when clicking the Output Menu when a BlackMagic Decklink 8K Pro capture card was installed.
o WIRE-15461–Now, when you use Desktop Presenter and check the capture audio box the playback should be clear without being choppy or skipping.

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