Audio Cadence wrong

I bring audio into Wirecast via USB from a small mixer, recently I have been having issues off and on with the cadence of the audio changing. My audio sample rate is 44.1 everywhere but I still get a different cadence, when I take a 1/8th out and plug it into the computer mic, audio works normally. Any ideas what I'm missing? 

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  • I'd like to help but I'm not familiar with the term "audio cadence" beyond the musical use.

  • CraigS cadence may not have been the correct word for the situation. When a person is speaking and brought into Wirecast their audio is slowed and deepened like the sample rate is incorrect but everywhere is set to 44.1, when i bring audio in through the mic input of the computer audio sounds proper

  • Mark Entwistle Please make sure you've updated to Wirecast 13.0.1. Audio from USB at 44.1 should be fine (that's what most are using) so it would seem to be a setting on your system somewhere. If you're coming in on USB, make sure you don't monitor on USB. It's not clear how you're monitoring but that may well be a factor. You may need to check your sound card settings and Wirecast Preferences Audio Interface setting for monitoring.

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