Dedicated Rendezvous Computer

We're looking to purchase a laptop that we can send to guests as part of a standardized remote-webinar package (it will include lights, an external webcam, and a microphone). The idea is that I'll run Wirecast from our offices and Rendezvous the guest in, who will be using this laptop.


I was thinking a Chromebook would be a nice and cheap option and found this ruggedized computer: https://amzn.to/2JBsSNh


Will this work well, or do I need to find something with a Quad-Core? 


Does anyone have anything like this setup?

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  • Rendezvous itself runs in a web browser. Chrome or Firefox are best. By itself it isn't too resource-intensive since you're just using a webcam. Any decent modern computer should handle that. Keep in mind the importance of a good webcam and mic (which I'm sure you're thinking about). We haven't tested on a Chromebook specifically though.

  • I like the creativity of this idea but am curious how many guests your trying to remote in and how often? 

    Are this all within the same company/building that they can pass the setup around or would you literally need to buy multiples of these and dealing with shipping each and every time? 

    I've had over 100+ guests on camera from all over the world for my show (so far) and never sent them anything, I do have a page for "Minimum Required Equipment" to be on the show to have audio & video sounding great. 

    I tell everyone i don't want them only on a cell phone running off wifi

    Happy to share the BTS of what I'm doing if your interested, I know it would help. 

    I streamlined it to mimize the work on our end. 

    Its great you're willing to do this (great mindset) I however know you don't HAVE TO. 

    Right webcam + lights & microphone = great production quality even if remote

    • You got a link to your show that i can check out to get a better idea?

    Hope this helps :)


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