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We are preparing to repaint our Green Screen Studio this summer and wondered what affordable paints folks have used that work well with Wirecast?  We currently have Behr Sparkling Apple which has worked well with iMovie, DoInk GreenScreen app, and others, but has given us some trouble with the chroma keying in Wirecast.  I've seen these following suggestions on Twitter:

  • Behr Disney Gamma Sector Green - Home Depot

  • Sherwin-Williams - Neon Green (2032-10)

  • Luscious Green (valspar 6010-7) - Lowe's

  • Dulux colour "chroma key green." 

We cannot afford Rosco professional paint, so I would appreciate knowing what others have used successfully with Wirecast.  Thanks!

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  • Related to this we may need to look at improving our chroma key tools.
    What was the issue you had with Behr Sparkling Apple? A comparison example with iMovie would be good.

    Keep in mind it's not just about the green but the lighting of the wall and the lighting on the subject and avoiding spill.

    Some keyers though are more forgiving or more customizable than others so it's something we should look at.

    BTW if you're a member of Amazon Prime, Prime day is coming up and there is chroma key paint listed so that might be a good sale period to find a discount on chroma key green paint.

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  •  CraigS , thanks for your reply.  Behr Sparkling Apple works great with iMovie and other apps.  In Wirecast, however, we struggle with student's hair or various white or gray colored clothing fading into the green, and not just around the edges.  In all cases, we are using the same lighting, so I don't think it's a lighting issue.  However, the camera is different.  With iMovie and DoInk, we use the iPad camera for recording with no green screen issues.  With Wirecast, we are streaming our news show live using a Logitech HD Pro C920 Webcam connected by USB to a fairly new Touchbar MacBook Pro.  Could the camera be making the difference?  Thanks again for your advice!

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  • Patti Weiss said:
    In all cases, we are using the same lighting, so I don't think it's a lighting issue.

     It may still be a lighting issue given that some keyers are more forgiving than others. The only way to know would be to see the shot before key and look on a waveform and vector scope.

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  • Patti Weiss said:
    Could the camera be making the difference? 

     Yes that's another factor. Camera with HDMI and SDI out is sending "uncompressed" video whereas a webcam video may have compression and even noise issues.

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  • CraigS , thank you.  Can you or anyone following recommend another webcam or other camera that would be good for streaming AND work well with Wirecast chroma key?  Thanks!

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  • Patti Weiss Sony, Canon, Panasonic all make cameras under $200 with HDMI out. If it's 1080p30 they can be used with Blackmagic Ultrastudio MiniRecorder  (apx $140) otherwise Magewell HDMI to USB3 (apx $300). That would bring in near uncompressed quality.

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  • Generally speaking the best paint would be one that only has one color in the spectrum. A lot a greens are not pure greens and thus cause trouble with keyers.

    Then check with vectorscope that your camera reproduces the colors correctly. If needed you can grade. A good start is making a white balance or use a X-rite color checker.

    After that your key should be fun using.

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