Wirecast 13b1 - Audio issues


I did some testing today with 13b1. As mentioned previously, I cannot test with b2 since cameras don't work.

This time, mid-way through a test walkthrough of my usual show workflow, things were going OK. With two exceptions. Firstly, we had rendezvous issues - but I will talk to that in another post.

The more disturbing issue relates to audio. At one point, I faded a number of sources and eventually changed shots - etc. After those changes, the audio from one NDI shot (Titler live) ceased going to air. However, it still played out to my remote rendezvous guest. No changes in the UI could get the audio back.

My remote guest is also advising that he is getting audio echo of himself back. We tested this with only one shot live - which was an audio layer.

What was even more interesting. I edited that shot - and clicked the speaker icon to mute his input. Even when this was done, he was still getting echo his end. Only clearing that shot totally removed the echo.

There is one more piece of information that is relevant. During the test call, the internet dropped out at one point - I had a question mark on the screen. He had a spinning circle. After reconnection, I had to re-activate the shot to remove the question mark. After I did this, that is when the audio echo started.


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