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Are there any issues with running Wirecast 6 with High Sierra on Mac? When I pressed "stream" during a match, the program crashed, no error came up. 

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  • Wirecast 6.0.8 was not tested for compatibility with High Sierra. That combination is not officially supported.

    High Sierra requires Wirecast 7.7 or 8.0.

  • CraigS 



    So you mean I have to spend $ 500 to make it work? To update to version 8?

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  • Andreas Lindvall Generally you shouldn't upgrade an OS if you are dependent on older versions of software. This is common with most developers. OS upgrades are not obligatory. When an OS is upgrading there are often major changes that require new development.

    For continued compatibility you would upgrade to Wirecast 8.
    Upgrade pricing from 6 to 8 is $349.

  • The same for me, I'm using Wirecast play and I hit "stream" and crashes, with this issues I don't want to buy and I have to find another way to stream to youtube

  • Don Calaca As in my previous post you'd have to upgrade to Wirecast 8. Wirecast 6 is not compatible with High Sierra.

  • Is there going to be a Wirecast Play that WILL work with High Sierra? If Wirecast Play isn't getting any support/update to work with High Sierra, that doesn't make me think that your support for the several hundred dollar version will be better, and definitely will steer me away from it when our company hits a point where we need something more featured than a 1 camera to  youtube setup.

  • Joel We are considering further development of Wirecast Play but I can't speak about the particulars.

    As to Wirecast Studio and Wirecast Pro, development is clearly ongoing and comparatively much faster since we've had 7 series and now 8 series and even the "dot" updates include enhancements and improvements. This is why the product costs more. Development time is a serious investment. With full version Studio of Wirecast you get one year of support which also includes any upgrades during that period, free.


  • CraigS I totally get that you can't continue to develop software without an ongoing income, hence why you require us to make paid upgrades. To be honest the money isn't the issue, I think the model is flawed. I'd much rather pay say $20-30 a month in a subscription and know that my app is future proof and supported then pay $100's and then discover during a live stream that the app no longer works. 
    You guys must have had a suspicion that older versions would have issues, why didn't you notify your customers beforehand? We missed a live stream of our event because Wirecast crashed, that kind of experience doesn't inspire trust in your company or encourage me to continue as a customer. It's easy to say "well don't upgrade iOS" but we all know that is nigh on impossible these days, especially with the Meltdown Spectre vulnerabilities.

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  • Justin Style We've had support plans which included discount upgrades. The support plans were optional upon purchase Our current model now includes free upgrades even with Standard Support which is included with the purchase.

  • CraigS , I am experiencing the same thing. I have Wirecast Play 6 which I paid for, and I am using High Sierra. What is the best way for us to make this work? Do I pay $99 for it then I can get an upgrade? How much do I have to add?

  • Diane Contact our sales using this form and explain your situation and they'll give you an upgrade path.

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