9.0(34022) | April 4th 2018 | Second 9.0 Beta Build

The Wirecast team is pleased to announce a new beta version, Wirecast 9.0 Beta 2! We would appreciate any feedback – positive or negative – that you may have. In this version we've teamed up with P.I. Engineering to add support for a new USB controller, XKeys 128. This controller includes direct selection of 12 sources on five layers, transition controls and much, much more. Additional information on this controller can be found on their website


PDF version of these release notes can be found here.

9.0 BETA2 – New Features

NEW –  XKeys 128 Support

  • Full control of layers, sources and transitions
  • Audio Mixer and Audio Preview controls
  • Start and Stop Wirecast outputs
  • Replay Controls

9.0 BETA2 – Improvements

  • Improvement - Allow 'Enter' key to add shot in add source UI
  • Improvement – Lower default keyframe interval to 2 seconds

9.0 BETA2 – Fixes

  • Fixed - Fixed Rendezvous sources not pulling video correctly in Windows 7
  • Fixed - Web Stream and Screen Capture sources enumerating twice in the source selection window
  • Fixed - Immediate A/V sync issue streaming to Facebook if started after another output
  • Fixed - Indefinite hang when sending two shots live then opening a playlist
  • Fixed - After 20 encodes all outputs would fail to encode on macOS

9.0 BETA2 – Installers



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  • Rory Maloney Running Wirecast 9 Beta 3 and OS X 10.13.5 beta 2 but this has been going on for a while in Wirecast 8 and OSX 10.13.4. I have opened tickets about this issue on Wirecast 8.

  • Shannon Atkinson

    Thanks for reporting this and the detailed demonstration video, we've reproduced the issue on our end and we've reported the issue to engineering to be looked at. 

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  • Rory Maloney Just comp me a year of Wirecast Pro and we'll call it even..:-)

  • Rory Maloney 


    I had the opportunity to install wirecast on a new notebook today. This notebook was a brand new fresh one. Still this problem occurred. I think that this problem is not a problem unique to me but a problem unique to japanese windows 10

  • some good news for instant replay in slowmotion?
    the 9 beta v2 crashing every time i use a internal cam on my macbook pro i7 2,7

    • George E. Kennedy, Jr
    • Video Creator in the production and live event space. I Produce, Shoot, Edit, Engineer, and Stream.
    • gekjr
    • 4 yrs ago
    • Reported - view

    Wirecast 9  was released to the public today.

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    • Bobby D
    • Professional webcaster
    • bobby_d
    • 4 yrs ago
    • Reported - view

    I had the 9.0 BETA version.
    Do I need to download the latest/bug free version 9.0?

  • Bobby D

    Yes please update to the release version of Wirecast 9