Youtube videos exporting but not uploading

Hi there! 

Would appreciate some help here.

I've been publishing videos without a problem for about a year now, but ScreenFlow has apparently forsaken me.  I have been using ScreenFlow 6, and a couple of days ago, I started getting an error (32602) when I tried to export/upload videos to YouTube.  I tried upgrading, thinking that perhaps it was the version that was the problem, so I am now running on ScreenFlow 7.2.  However... still no luck uploading.  The video still successfully exports, but then gets hung up like this when uploading:



Doesn't move at all.

The only thing I can think might be bothering ScreenFlow is that I am now publishing videos to two separate YouTube channels.  The problem started when I signed out of Channel 1, published a few videos to Channel 2, signed out of Channel 2 and back into Channel 1 to publish a video there.

Help me! I'm dead in the water!



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  • Ok, after signing in and out of accounts for the last day, I seem to have found the magic combination... It was an authentication issue with youtube, but I'm still not 100% sure how I solved it.  I think screenflow got confused by switching accounts?

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  • D Tof 
    Sometimes it can help to de-authorize ScreenFlow's access in YouTube and then reauthorize through ScreenFlow.

    In YouTube
    Account Settings
    Authorized Site to your Brand Account.


    and then you'll see the apps that have been authorized.

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  • I am also having the same issue. I was uploading to my personal YouTube account (haven't gotten around to creating a brand account yet, I'm mostly embedding these videos). It looks as though it starts the YouTube upload process, but then is hanging ...any ideas? The instructions below were not super helpful. I checked which apps have access to my Google account, and Screenflow was not listed, though it publishes to YouTube the title I created in Screenflow for the video, so something is working...but I'm not sure how to get it to finish the process. I also tried publishing to Google Drive and no luck there either.

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  • Katherine Ong said:
    I checked which apps have access to my Google account, and Screenflow was not listed

     If it's not listed than you shouldn't be able to upload to YouTube. You may need to provide screenshots because something seems wrong between your account and ScreenFlow. 

    Sign out of YouTube in ScreenFlow and then try to sign back in again.

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