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hii i work on livestreams and sometimes i want to show a replay of a particular event while being live while showing the live feed in the corner,the thing is cropping the replay every time to fit in a picture in picture png template is time taking and sometimes i need the replay as soon as possible instead of cropping it every time,so is there a feature where the replays automatically comes cropped and in a fixed position which i will set according to png.

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  • Try creating a Replay Template with a Replay Layer.
    Then position, scale, crop the shot. You may need to experiment with this to get it to land in the location you want in the shot.



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  • i did the same thing but still whenever the replay is created it is generated in full screen form and i have to crop and move it every time?

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  • so i checked again for some reason crop is working but scaling and positioning is not working???

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  • i got one more thing i am taking the feed from a mixer so maybe that is the reason but i don't know how to fix it but when i connected my webcam directly to the desktop and then i did replay shot with a template having replay layer it cropped perfectly

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  • Paritosh Choucksey Interesting that the mixer would have impact. Audio can be part of the shot or you could put it on a separate Master Layer. Is your video source changing? It may depend on your Replay camera source.

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  • no system is detecting only one source that is the one which is mixer is giving to the system, all the camera change is done through mixer and not wirecast!!

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  • Paritosh Choucksey Mixer is sending both video and audio? So it's a switcher (mixer is audio only)? That shouldn't impact the crop, scale, position though.

    What some do if they want constant (same) audio throughout is put the audio on a separate Master Layer shot. You can mute the audio on a shot with the video so the audio is only present on the Master Layer shot (usually people put audio only on Master Layer 5)

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