Black Screen when I try to do a desktop recording

I am trying to do a normal desktop presenter which let me display my desk screen.

I followed all the tutorials, tried to find a solution on Google, searching YouTube(hole channels) but no results that suits me unfortunately.

I don't know what is the problem exactly. So I only needed to post a thread on this problem on this forum, and I do hope to get a serious answer

By the way I am using a Windows 8.1 machine. Tell me if you do need all specifications.



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  • Have you updated to Wirecast 7.2 just released?
    Wirecast now has screen capture. Desktop Presenter is for remote use (another computer on the LAN).

    I'd like to help but you have to explain exactly what you're doing. It's hard for me to make suggestions when I don't know what steps you've done and what results you're seeing.

  • So here is the problem.

    normally when you go to YouTube and create a live event, you must authenticate you're account first. I haven't had any problem with this until I want to show my desktop screen, so I go to the acreen icon on the layers bar and click on Local Desktop Presenter, here's where the problem occurs, I get the pop up window with a full black screen and there's (select the monitor ...) I tried to do it alot of times and it still the same.

    lastely thanks for the reply.

  • By the way I am using wirecast 5.0 demo mode.

  • Wirecast 5 is no longer supported. Please download 7.2 demo and test with that.

  • Oh yeah !!! It worked finally!!! I was so dumb because I tough it was the last version of the program. After I downloaded wirecast 7.2 desktop presenter it worked fine on my machine.

    I cannot say that everything is fine, considering I am experiencing a little bit lags.. 

    I think its windows update because I didn't installed it from about a week but however, I did the hard part right, and I can get the local desktop screen for live streaming.

    Thanks the developers for this powerful software and thanks Craig (moderator) for helping me and guiding me straight to the right path.


                              Tarik Khalil.

  • Good to hear you're headed in the right direction.

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