Command line in 2017

For the love of all that is modern and automated PLEASE give us the ability to encode screenflow files using command line. I have too many screenflow files with too many output directories to use JUST batch exporting. Our production is expanding every year and the only step in this that has not been automated is the screenflow export. I've requested this multiple times for YEARS with nothing past an automated response.

Batch exporting ≠ command line exporting.

If the next major version does not have command line export I will have no choice but to move our office and all of our clients to something with command-line export like Camtasia.

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  • Can you give an example of the volume of work you do?

    Please do fill out the feature request form and mention that Camtasia supports it.
    ScreenFlow Feature Request Form

  • Over a year later since I made this thread and 4 years since I've been requesting through other forum posts and request form. Still no command line encoding. My workflow WAS a large group of professors recording on their laptops and uploading the project file to box. From there I would have to manually encode 20+ videos to SEPARATE folders that would then be parsed by a script for each class page, etc etc. Batch encoding did not help with this.


    I automate things in my job because I have too much to do to also have to move around and organize 20+ video every week. Everything from encoding to posting to emailing is automated. Screenflow was the ONLY stop gap. Even Camtasia, arguably the worst screen recording program on mac, has command line encoding.


    We've since moved on to other screen capture software and it's been a blessing.
    Craig, please fill out the form and make the request for me because I've filled it out for the past 4 years and I haven't seen so much as an email following up. Maybe they'll listen to you since you work there.

  • LeanPocket Thanks for that info. I'll pass it on. It's still on the possible to do list.

  • Just adding a +1 to this request. We use screenflow heavily and would use automation if it were available.

  • Robin Norwood Do fill out the previously posted feature request form.  Please do explain why Apple Script and Automator are not sufficient. Developers need to hear interest in this and understand why command line support needs to be added. The developers need to hear directly from the users.

  • Yearly bump.

  • LeanPocket Please email support with your case number and ask for a status update. That's the bump that counts to the developers. Keep in mind the number of requests can impact development importance. 

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