Web stream flashing gray frames

Using Wirecast 11.1.2 on Windows 10, I am pulling RTMP streams from Wowza.   I have been having an issue with it flashing gray frames.  The gray frames appear to denote an error in the decoded data.

The most reproducible scenario is when the source is sending black and silence, often right after a full-motion video.  This includes having another machine with Wirecast being the original source, sending an RTMP stream to Wowza, and then pulling it by the other Wirecast.

Increasing the buffer from the default 0.25 seems to help some.  At 1 second I would still occasionally get it.  At 4 seconds, it very rarely happens, but still does.

VLC and OBS both do not show the same issue when pulling the same stream on the same machine.

This issue seems related to the bitrate dropping down, but I can't nail it down.

I have a related issue in that sometimes the gray frames show up right in the middle of full motion video.   This is one I have not been able to reproduce on my own, only during actual events.   Archives recorded on the Wowza side from the source look clean.

CPU load tends to be under 50%. 

Thoughts?  This is really giving us some grief.

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  • David Wilkins said:
    I am pulling RTMP streams from Wowza

     Into Wirecast using WebStream plugin?
    That's what I think of pulling as.

    Wirecast Webstream is based on the same technology as VLC and we find their behavior generally matches.

    Please update to Wirecast 12.0. (just released) and please provide a visual example.

  • I wish it matched.  Wirecast 12 made no difference.  I'll get some more info and video when I can.  Right now I have no choice but to look at non-Wirecast solutions for upcoming webcasts.

  • David Wilkins We'd probably want the settings coming out of Wowza and a comparison between VLC and Wirecast. Perhaps screen recording what they're displaying side by side. We certainly have many customers using WebStream without issue so perhaps there's a specific set of reproducible settings we can investigate. I can have you report the issue but we'd need to know how to duplicate.

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