Sony a7sII, Black Magic Intensity Shuttle, and iMac 27" (2017 model)

I can't get Wirecast to read my video input.  The black magic intensity shuttle reads the input wire from the camera and is working properly.  Wirecast reads my camera and lets me add it as a layer, but I still get a black screen???

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  • I'd like to help but I need more technical information.

    Make sure you've updated your OS to 10.13.2 Please Confirm
    Wirecast should be version 8.2 Please Confirm
    Blackmagic Driver should be 10.9.7 Please Confirm
    Then test in Blackmagic Media Express to make sure it sees the video from the camera.

    Reboot the computer with camera on.
    Open Wirecast and create the shot and then check the settings in the shot's System Device Properties. An issue with those settings could be a cause.

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  • ok everything is up to date and computer and camera were restarted.  I still have a black screen

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  • I don't know what this means or if it makes a difference.  Do I have to buy the pro version for this to work?

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  • Gerritt Bake said:
    ok everything is up to date and computer and camera were restarted.

     Sorry but you haven't mentioned about testing in Media Express.
    Also you have video format set to 1080p24 and pixel format a YCbCr.
    Do you know those are correct.

    Gerritt Bake said:
    I don't know what this means or if it makes a difference.

     If you have the device designated for output it will not work for input. Please make sure you aren't demoing a pro feature.

    You need to follow through and check in Media Express then reboot and check your settings in Wirecast. I don't know want to recommend because the settings really depend on your choices.

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  • Gerritt Bake 

    You don't have Automatically Detect Input Format for example.
    I have a different Blackmagic Device, a Mini Recorder but it works the same way because it's the same driver.


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  • Gerritt Bake said:
    ok everything is up to date

     I need version numbers please.

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  • version of black magic driver is 10.9.7

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  • Gerritt Bake Confirm you're using Wirecast 8.2
    Make sure you see video in Blackmagic Media Express to know your camera and device are working. Please Confirm.

    You need to make sure you've selected the correct Video Format and Pixel Format in Capture Card Properties since you don't have Automatically Detect. If they are incorrect you will see black.

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  • Yes I have 8.2

    What pixel format should I be at?  I have everything on the camera and black magic set to 1080p24

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  • Gerritt Bake Leaving Pixel Format alone for the moment, cycle through Video Format. Often p24 is actually carried in an interlaced stream. Try i59.94 but test others as well. Keep in mind also that the camera recording format is not necessarily what the camera is sending the Shuttle. 

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