Replay template in Wirecast 8?

We have upgraded 20 teams to Wirecast 8. In Wirecast 7 there was an option to use a "Replay Template". I had a nice animated logo transition to intro the replay with a replay graphic, music etc, worked fine. Now I don't see where I can even setup a template!  PLEASE HELP, THANKS

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  • That hasn't changed at all. Exactly the same.


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  • Yes, exactly the same just in another place. Thx.

    Now, would you be so kind as to tell me what type of video file Wirecast will accept with an alpha channel. I'm currently chroma keying the background out of a logo transition for our replays. Thx

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  • George Giles video (animation) or still?
    Still would be PNG with transparancy. Video would be Apple ProRes 4444 with Alpha.

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  • That would be great but I have WIN After Effects, that codec isn't available, know of any other that will work? or if I can still get that codec somewhere, I thought Apple ended support of Quicktime Pro

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  • George Giles Try Quicktime Animation with Alpha. Quicktime Frameworks is ended but Quicktime, the MOV format is still very much alive. In fact you can even play H.264 .MOV in Windows own Player. Adobe has also built in MOV playback with various codecs in their applications.

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  • IT WORKED!! Fantastic, THANK YOU!!

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  • George Giles Good to hear. You're welcome of course.

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  • Okay, so I'm back at it again and cannot make this thing work like it did in wirecast 7. Got the animated transition with alpha looking good but don't see how to set it up like it was in wirecast 7. I saved the attached screen shots for myself so I could remember how I set it up and I can see a difference. In Wirecast 8 there is no option for the Replay Channel as in Wirecast 7. But even if it had that I wouldn't know how to set it up in 8 anyway because it's all changed. I know I can run the bug and the animation by adding titler live to the layers but I'm lost on the rest of it. So, know how to do this? 

    We will not be using ISO cameras just program video for replays


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  • Those screenshots on the right were from Wirecast 6 or earlier. Wirecast 7 and 8 have similar setup panels. I suspect that where the confusion is coming from since you're stating difference between 7 and 8 where they are actually similar.
    Please do watch our tutorials.

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  • This is our tutorial on Replay. This should help.

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  • This is how Replay looked in Wirecast 7.



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  • Okay, so it was 6, the problem still remains how do you make a replay template for transitions in 8?

    I actually sat through that entire "tutorial". Nothing about replay templates except he did say he didn't want to do that.

    So, I am wondering if anyone at Telestream knows how to do this.

    It was a nice feature and a pretty important feature. I can't find anything online or anything in the knowledge base about it.

    Can you help?

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  • George Giles I'm sorry we don't have a detailed tutorial on this but there's information about this isn the User Guide starting page 94 under Shot Editor Shot Layers Tab (Not necessarily the most intuitive place to look).


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  • Replay Shot in Playlist

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  • CraigS

    Wow, so no one has done this?? This is strange, seems like someone would have created the template for this if it can even be done, which I'm questioning now. People do use this to cover sports, right?

    Well let me know if you hear of someone who actually uses the software as it obviously was designed to be used. . . . or they wouldn't have this thing called "replay template"

    Is there some tech guy around there I could talk to?

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  • George Giles See above. I created a Replay Template and then added the Replay Template to a Playlist as well.

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  • Yes, I see you did something but I'm not sure what you did. It looks like you used the playlist feature somehow. I just basically need to be able to play a logo transition(video clip) when it's full screen the background source changes to the replay video, then the logo transition ends revealing the replay video underneath and a small png Replay graphic is added. Then we'll need to do any kind of transition back to live action.

    Looks like you know how to do this, Great!, could you list the steps? Surely I'm not the only person that can use this. Really surprised that this is the first request and Evangelist Andrew hasn't thrown a quick tutorial together for it. You guys must be really busy over there.


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  • I'm looking for a similar situation. Going to have a play about tonight. 

    I want a replay motion followed by the actual replay with Instant replay in the top corner. Then once replay is finished back to live video. 

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  • George Giles Stephen Tosh  A Replay Template is a Shot with graphics, etc. added. 
    Please do experiment.

    Create a shot with shot layers. That's your Template.
    Create a Playlist. Record the Replay in the Playlist.



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  • CraigS 

    Hello Stephen, IF you're using  Wirecast 8, this is the only way I have found to make it work something like it used to work in Wirecast 6.  First, your logo or whatever you're using for the transition has to start full screen then go out revealing the replay underneath. No choice on that anymore.

    Then you create a shot on a layer, any layer. Open the shot layers, click the + and select "replay layer". 

    Then add the PNG file that is the replay bug in the corner above that.

    Then add your logo animation on top of that.

    You can also add a music bed, I put mine on the very bottom, not sure that matters.

    Odd thing is, you also have to mute the whole shot on the layer or you'll get the audio recorded on the replay shot upon playback. BUT, the music bed in the whole shot come through. Makes no sense to me but it works. 

    Then select that shot in your replay settings.

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  • George Giles Thanks for posting that workflow.

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  • Hi Craig, can you explain what the maximum duration and default duration times do? Because no matter what you set the numbers to it always records 30 second clips until you create a replay then it cuts the clip short at the point of creation while keeping the first clip if needed that contains your marked in point. I'm assuming that without a marked in point, it will only keep what ever amount of time you assign for maximum duration behind the point where you create a replay?? NOT, just tried it, no matter what those times are set to, it always does the same thing, there is always a 30 second clip unless your replay falls inside of the particular 30 clip it is recording.

    If they really want to make it useful, they would make the "UPDATE" feature start a new recording and delete the old recording so you have that option. It would save a ton of drive space and time. You just couldn't go back from the update point on the video. BUT NO ONE CARES, you should only be hitting the update button before a potential play and that's easy to estimate.

    Can you explain what they think this does and how they thought this should be used?

    Also, the assigned "mark in" and "create replay" buttons don't work all the time, I'm still trying to figure out when they do or don't and if it's just random.


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  • George Giles said:
    explain what the maximum duration and default duration times do

    Once Replay has been activated it keeps all shot activity (playing of clips or capturing of live sources) in the Replay buffer on disk. The amount that is saved when the Create Replay Shot button is pressed depends on what value was entered into the Default Replay duration setting.

    And the maximum is just that. The replay can't be longer than the maximum. 

    Different people have different workflows. What might not be useful to you might well be useful to someone else. We're simply offering the flexibility.

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  • George Giles Simplifying further.

    Default Duration is the duration of the In and Out point. Maximum Duration is the duration of the recorded file, not the duration that you see in the shot which may actually be several recorded clips joined together (which is what the Mainifest.Replay file does in the Replay Folder created.

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  • Also note:


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