Replay template in Wirecast 8?

We have upgraded 20 teams to Wirecast 8. In Wirecast 7 there was an option to use a "Replay Template". I had a nice animated logo transition to intro the replay with a replay graphic, music etc, worked fine. Now I don't see where I can even setup a template!  PLEASE HELP, THANKS

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  • That hasn't changed at all. Exactly the same.


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  • Yes, exactly the same just in another place. Thx.

    Now, would you be so kind as to tell me what type of video file Wirecast will accept with an alpha channel. I'm currently chroma keying the background out of a logo transition for our replays. Thx

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  • George Giles video (animation) or still?
    Still would be PNG with transparancy. Video would be Apple ProRes 4444 with Alpha.

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  • That would be great but I have WIN After Effects, that codec isn't available, know of any other that will work? or if I can still get that codec somewhere, I thought Apple ended support of Quicktime Pro

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  • George Giles Try Quicktime Animation with Alpha. Quicktime Frameworks is ended but Quicktime, the MOV format is still very much alive. In fact you can even play H.264 .MOV in Windows own Player. Adobe has also built in MOV playback with various codecs in their applications.

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  • IT WORKED!! Fantastic, THANK YOU!!

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  • George Giles Good to hear. You're welcome of course.

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