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I was recently watching a video of Ed Sheeran on stage stomping on his custom Chewie II pedal board. I learned that it communicates with a midi controller in his case. I realized, wow, it would be awesome if like you see him or other musicians that do looping or have foot pedals that I would really like to be able to use foot pedals to control Wirecast while doing live 1-operator-show broadcasts. Nobody ever sees my feet anyway and the boards would be easy to memorize and tap without looking away from the camera or anyone really noticing.

I attached a sample image of something like what I had in mind.

I found some videos about Wirecast 8.2 that explained the Midi technical preview feature. I thought, cool, must have those custom mappings by now! I'm on 12.0.0. I logged into to check and was disappointed. It only supports a few boards and not what I have in mind.

I also found some fairly convoluted options using multiple levels of software

midi controller -> midipipe -> another piece translating from midipipe to wirecast -> wirecast...  


phew... don't really want to do that when it's clear that Wirecast is now technically capable of accepting a wide variety of midi inputs and producing appropriate output since version 8.2 at least.


Any updates, links, Wirecast 12 APIs, thoughts or information on custom midi controller mappings would be appreciated so I can continue this exploration and rock my single operator shows AND keep my focus on the camera.


Thank you.

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  • Certainly, make the feature request and explain in detail about the advantage of using a foot controller when you're both the engineer and host.

    Wirecast Feature Request Form

  • CraigS Thanks. I can do that.

    For this forum though, I'm curious about:

    This just seemed like something I should be able to do. Map a midi source as an input controller for shot control. Esp. since there are already some examples in the experimental feature.

    Is there an API? The data I found looks like there were some at one point but they were deprecated and the hacks use software that is no longer being updated.

    What's the latest on the MIDI mapping feature? The newest video I could find was from Andrew against version 8.2.

    Thank you.

    Again, I love this software. It has literally changed my life. Please keep up the amazing work! 


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  • Kent Langley Fill out the form and explain exactly what you want to see implemented. The developers need to hear from users about additional implementation.

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