Restream Chat as Websource Error

When I goto the webpage for my chat stream from Restream, it is neatly working and showing youtube and facebook comments in the chat thread.


When I add it to my Wirecast 12.1.0 as a web source it displays the error "Unknown Error Occurred" try again later in the region where I put it up as transparent overlay. 

It did ask for Flash to be installed which I did and rebooted the Mac 10.14.4 . 

However still no luck. I reverted to the old-skool method of showing a web window from chrome which gives me the overlay but it is not as clean and integrated as a using the web stream page from restream.

Is anyone else seeing this issue? Any tips?


Thanks Robin

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  • I have more information for this question.  When it firsts attempts to connect to the embedded chat window (when I open the session), wirecast flashes up a message for about 3ms in the window. It says "The provided token is not valid, please obtain a new embeddable link".  I know the chat window is valid because I can see it if I paste the same embedded link into my chrome webbrowser.  I wonder why Wirecast does not like it? Thanks

  • Hi Robin Fitton

    I cannot comment specifically about Restream chat. But I can advise that youtube chat works perfectly. You would need to work with the Restream developers to find out what their browser requirements are. Something in there is not supported by the virtual Wirecast browser.

    To fix, this would require either a change to wirecast, or the requirements from Restream.


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  • Agree with Greg. It'smost likely the Wirecast Web Plugin that is the limiting factor. It doesn't support all of the features that a stand alone browser does.

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  • We are looking at how to improve this.
    Robin Fitton You may want to report this so we can investigate what Restream chat might require. We can't promise if/when this will be improved depending on what's involved. Do check with YouTube just to make sure Web Page Plugin is otherwise working. If you get details from restream please do send that to use via email once you get the case number from us.

    Wirecast Support Form

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  • Hi Craig, I bought my wirecast copy in March and it won't now let me log a support ticket using the licence key - it says I am out of support. So sadly having to use OBS to get my chat stream working for me. I suppose I could keep looking back here to see if the issue is resolved? It is working OK as a chat stream in my browser using the embedded link or OBS, however I get the error in Wirecast. The folks over at reastream.io gave me a lot of help but we could not resolve it. They have logged it with the dev team to confirm if there is something at their end that Wirestream does not like as an embedded web feed. Thanks for responding.

  • Robin Fitton March of this year? Support should last for one year. If it was March of last year you'd have to continue another year.

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  • I pasted in the serial number that was emailed to me when I bought it but hang on. I may have used the one from the blue titler. Will try again.

  • Ok ticket raised from inside Wirecast with the support ticket function. It fired off OK and did not say out of support like the web form did.  Thanks

  • Robin Fitton Good to hear that. Should be fixable then.

  • The telestream support team have responded to me on the ticket. They have confirmed the restream.io embedded chat (which would combine my facebook and youtube chat feeds) is not supported on Wirecast. However they are keeping the ticket open, so I suppose I have an option of coming back to wirecast when / if they do fix it in a point release. For now I am going to have to use OBS when streaming to get the benefit of the embedded chat which is a shame since only bought Wirecast a Month ago but I will be back if it gets fixed. Thanks all for comments and help.

  • Robin Fitton Did you install both NPAPI and PPAPI versions of Flash?
    If restream is using Flash for their chat overlay one or the other may work so it's best to be up to date with both. Make sure you've told them that it works in OBS.

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  • CraigS yes thanks both versions of flash and a reboot. I chatted to restream and they said there is no flash but it requested it in wire-cast so I loaded it.  Yes I did say it works in OBS 

  • Robin Fitton Make sure our developers know that Flash isn't the issue in this case.

  • Robin Fitton - I just tested it on my computer. I played with ReStream a long time back, but was never happy with it.

    Today, I tried chat. I initially got an "apology" message on their website, that chat was playing up a bit, and not reliable at the moment. (Not a good start).

    I got the embed URL. Threw it into Wirecast, and got black screen.

    I tested and tried to get something to appear in the chat window (outside wirecast - just in my browser). Nothing worked.

    I was hoping to find out exactly what in their chat app would not work in Wirecast... but not possible if it doesn't work at all! This is why I gave up on restream some time back. Good idea, but still immature.


  • Greg Kuhnert Hi Greg you appear to have a very different experience with restream.io than I do. I have 50+ hours streaming with them to youtube, facebook and twitch on a simultaneous stream and its rock solid for me (from wirecast) in regard to the video broadcast. In fact I struggled with single broadcast to Facebook with wirecast using facebook live where I could not get facebook to flip from the go-live screen with wirecast paired. It just sat there with a perfect working stream for my audience but would not show me the chat thread so I could not see comments until I finished the broadcast. Another 2 weeks spent scanning the forums to resolve that issue and I discovered restream and it fixed it. Unfortunately their combined chat (see photo of me streaming below) only works in OBS or a browser (I think they use HTML5 for the chat thread). Wirecast is my broadcast tool of choice because I paid the licence and have learnt all of its good features and apart from it crashing occasionally on my new mac mini it's a good tool for me.

     Shifting to the consolidated service on restream for live stuff sorted various issues for me, with just the technical gap now on the combined chat embedded as an overlay. Its not the end of the world for me but when live there is nothing better than interacting with my viewers and I am really pleased to be able to do that multi-platform. 

    Like you I think these consolidated services can feel immature, however I also think Facebook is immature in this tech area and unfortunately for me I have found a much more accessible audience for my geek-style hobby live stream on facebook. Rather than leave behind my small but loyal band of youtube followers I wanted to be able to simulcast between the two services to reach the new audience on facebook and see everyone chatting.  

    In OBS it is working really well and I get the interaction cross platform I require. However for now Wirecast support have said its not compatible with their integration and I am happy to hold out until they resolve it and in the meantime use OBS. I use a blackmagic ATEM Studio HD during broadcast, so I can do a lot of camera switching and clever stuff outside of the software so using OBS is not a big deal while both wirecast and restream.io "mature" their application services.



  • Robin Fitton we need to investigate what they're doing since YouTube chat works but restream does not in Wirecast. 

  • Robin Fitton - I am trying restream chat again on a different computer. As soon as I login, I get a popup...

    Chat update
    We are working on a big Chat update which should fix the issues with random chat stops and disconnects for Application and Embed.
    Some downtime of the chat could occur while we are rolling out the update.
    Thank you for understanding!

    I then acknowledged that box, and tried to proceed to use the chat function. I confirmed all of my CDN peers were working all OK. I went to the chat box, and tried to enter something there. It did not appear in the chat box. I tried another browser. Still no good. I tried to connect discord. I got another error message:

    Invalid OAuth2 redirect_uri - You may now close this window or tab

    Just to be clear, I don't work for Telestream. I'm just an end user like you. I'd like to be able to try to replicate your setup to help. But I cannot get past first base. I'll give it another go later on, but so far - no joy.


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  • We're looking into this as well, possibly contacting Restream for additional information.

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  • Hi Greg Kuhnert   I wonder if it works for me because I have the paid subscription?  Perhaps they point me at a different chat instance?  It is still working for me today and last night in browser, in their chat mac desktop client and embedded in OBS. I can see the message in the chat desktop client saying that they are going through maintenance and please expect potential outages, however so far it's hanging in there for me with chats feeding in OK.   I am hoping it might even fix the wirecast issue - that would be a good result.  I very much appreciate your feedback and checks.  Thanks

  • Robin Fitton - Lets do this. If you are around now, we can test this if you give me a chat URL and you send some data. If not, I won't be available till early next week and we can try then.

    Alternatively, I am re-starting "Wirecast in the Wild" soon (now that I am back from holidays). Not sure if we'll make this week tomorrow - or wait another week. TBA. If you're not aware, this is a stream where we look at fixing challenges with Wirecast on a live stream...


  • That would be great. I am in the UK - GMT summer time.  I will probably be around Saturday evening to do some streaming. 

  • Robin Fitton - I did some testing together with  Matthew Potter

    Our findings:

    1. When putting a restream chat url into Wirecast, we did a test where we intercepted the HTTP/HTTPS traffic from wirecast to the Restream servers. Wirecast is not attempting to load some of the Javascript files that are required by Restream. These files have filenames ending in chunk.js

    2. Matthew tested with OBS - It worked with OBS, but we saw what Matthew describes as a "double bounce" during the load. It feels like the javascript may be a little dodgy.

    3. To test this in Wirecast, you can get the chat window in preview - and check / uncheck shutdown when not live. Each time you uncheck, it will re-load in the preview window. You will see this double bounce.

    4. One time, we saw on their website (in a browser): "Unknown error occurred, Try again later".

    All in all, it sounds like some dodgy javascript that needs troubleshooting by Restream. My assumption is that Wirecast is finding these errors, and failing to parse the remaining files. And, this is confirmed by what I saw. Put a white background behind the Web embed window... and you will see the same error message. 

    I would suggest opening a ticket with restream.io and ask them to investigate.


  • Greg Kuhnert Thanks for this. Looks like you dug under the hood on it and got the result on it being a javascript issue. I streamed again last night using OBS and the chat was working great, consolidating chat feeds from youtube and facebook. I do have it already logged with restream.io, however I think they pointing back at wirecast. Either way I now have an open ticket with Wirecast (although they said that the current version is not compatible) and I have it logged at restream. Sadly for now I just keep using OBS and will come back to wirecast if / when there is a way to get the embedded chat to work.

  • Greg Kuhnert Since we have a friendly relationship with Reastream please report the javascript issue to us and maybe we can expedite the conversation with them.

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  • CraigS 

    CraigS said:
    Since we have a friendly relationship with Reastream please report the javascript issue to us and maybe we can expedite the conversation with them.

    I dont use Restream myself. I tested it some time back, but decided to not use it. I only dug out my details to help Robin Fitton .... so Robin - just link to this post in your wirecast support case - to see if that helps.


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