Disappearing Audio on Switches

I'm using a couple Magewell capture cards in Wirecast Pro. Software is up to date. I've had an issue with switching between shots where I lose all audio from the project completely. All levels disappear as soon as I make the switch, and there's no way to bring them back without restarting. Patterns I've noticed:

-It only happens when streaming.
-The shots that I switch to that make audio disappear have always been picture-in-picture (both Magewell cards)
-The shots that I switch to that make audio disappear have a text file source.

I've noticed no other patterns. Audio and video drivers are up to date. We've been running Wirecast for 2 years, mostly on this machine. Never seen this issue until 2 weeks ago.

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  • Please update to Wirecast 7.4 (you don't note the version) and test again.

    Please post a specific example including Shot Layer and Master Layers involved. It's not clear what your audio configuration is from shot to shot.
    Generally if the audio is supposed to remain constant I'd put it in a Master Layer although the audio shouldn't disappear if it were cutting from shot to shot with matching audio.

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  • We are using 7.4. Examples of this will be hard to recreate. We run a broadcast studio and we're live about 70 hours a week. 

    I'll post examples later. Your suggestion brings up another interesting problem we've had. We used to keep audio on its own Master Layer, but we started encountering a bug--when we would end a show and switch to a video playlist, our shot featuring audio on its own Master Layer would not Clear Layer. It would always carry over and stay live until we cleared it twice. I could do a screen record and show you the video. Works without fail. So we started putting the audio in each individual shot.

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  • Lucas Eubank I'd like to help but in order to troubleshoot I'd need specific shot and master layer configuration. Given the other issues you're reporting it seems more likely the issue is with your configuration since I'm not seeing other user reports like this. I really want to help but I need specifics so a problem can be exemplified or reproduced. Or perhaps there's an issue with the Magewell card or driver.

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  • CraigS 

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  • Here is an example of the audio blips on scene switches. I was recording a tone via microphone source.

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  • Here are the scene setups that you see in the video. 

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  • Here is the reason we don't put audio as it's own master layer source. In this video, you can see that I clear layer on the AUDIO shot. Yet when I make the scene switch, the AUDIO shot still goes live. I've replicated this issue in every project I make. I've noticed it sometimes works as it should if I select my video playlist FIRST and then clear layers. I was using a screen recorder that's not the best, but around 53 seconds, you can see me select clear layer on every layer. Then, I choose the video playlist in the top master layer. I make the switch. AUDIO stays red while single correctly goes into preview.

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  • Lucas Eubank The pop on the audio cuts, given the audio in the shots, may be due to mismatched zero crossing points or sample words. The clocks aren't genlocked. We'll investigate this though.

    The problems, clearing the audio layer on the Master Layer does look to be a problem.

    It's possible the document itself has developed issues. Try reseting preferences.
    Wirecast > Help > Send Support Information but click on lower left Reset Preferences.
    Then restarting Wirecast with a New blank Document, recreate the shots with audio in  a Master Layer and post whether clearing the Master Layer clears the audio (removes read preview dot).

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  • Update on the pops in audio cuts. 

    We've also noticed that sometimes when selecting a shot/putting it in preview, there is a pop in audio. When this happens (clicking on a shot to put it in preview; audio pops), we DO NOT have a pop at all on the cut. 

    With that info, I did a little test. I turned on live icons. With live icons on, I never got an audio pop on selecting a shot OR making a cut. However, I would get unprovoked pops about every 3 minutes. Meaning I could be sitting idle in the program, not operating or clicking anything, and I would hear a pop about every three minutes. These pops would not be associated with any clicks or cuts I made withing the program. For the time being, I find these pops to be better with live icon on. It's really jarring to hear a pop on a cut--a little less jarring to hear a pop otherwise. This all seems to correlate, but I don't know why. 

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