Change playback speed of a nested clip

Screenflow doesn't have the ability to merge/join clips - 'nesting' is the workaround (or eliminates the need for merging, depending on your POV)

But - if I want to adjust the speed of a nested clip, I can't just bring up the clip inspector and adjust the speed like I could a normal clip - it is greyed out.

Instead I have to open the nested clip, group everything, adjust the speed, close the clip, etc. etc.

Telestream - if you aren't going to give us the 'join' feature, at least make nested clips behave like regular clips.

Or am I missing something?

BTW - it would be REALLY REALLY good to have the join feature.  Surely it is an easy thing to do?

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  • Join actually isn't an easy thing to do. You could create a timeline and export the clips (preferably as Apple ProRes) and bring it back in and adjust the speed. Otherwise you can request that we look at adjusting speed for nested clips.

    ScreenFlow Feature Request Form

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  • Thx for the Prores suggestion.  Good workaround.

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  • Here's how to do that from any folder with video clips.


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