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I created a playlist to stream live while at the same time play a video clip that I have in my computer. My idea is to create a playlist with duration on each scene, but I am having an issue with the playback position of the video. 

It is an hour video long that I want to stream it with interval and swap between my live camera. I created a playlist with them inside. 

Shot 1 : live camera - 1 min duration then swap  to
Shot 2: video clip - 2 min then swap back to shot 1 (the video is 60 min long) and continue in loop until I finish the stream. 

I want the video to continue playing from the position it was left, but the video start from the beginning even though I click on “Remember Position even when not Live” . It uncheck automatic when the video plays again. 

The only way I found was doing the swap manually without a playlist. But it will great if it does it automatically. 

Is there anyway to do this?  

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  • For Playlist please look at the Resume function.

  • CraigS Thank you for the reply. 

    Yes, I did that and still doesn’t work. The only way it work is if I do manually swap without being in a playlist. 

    Inside the playlist, the shot source where “Remember Position even when not Live” is located uncheck itself every time it start. It got me frustrated. 


  • John said:
    Yes, I did that and still doesn’t work.

    Do report that. That setting should have the playlist pick up where it left off.
    Wirecast Support Form we'll send you a case number and test on our end. We may need to contact you for more details depending on how our tests go.

  • CraigS thank you for the suggestion. I submitted the case, and I hope the support team fix it because I have a feeling that is a bug. 

  • John It certainly would be a bug because the Resume function is not working as expected.

  • Yes, definitely. Does it will incur in any future solution soon? I already reported it, but I haven’t receive any answer yet. 

  • John What a couple of days and ask for a status update. They may have to asses what it'll take to fix.

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