Can't get unique URL when creating Rendezvous Session.

Hi support

im having a trouble on our Wirecast 13 Studio

we already check the network firewall and Eset Antivirus Firewall to make it sure it is not blocked. i dont have any idea how to fix this please help :( thanks advance

Please see attached sample picture

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  • Hi BinaryCode

    I just tested, and its working for me. Any firewalls or other content blocking devices where you are testing?

  • Please make sure you're using Wirecast 13.0.2. At least for testing, I'd temporarily take down the firewall if possible. Try connecting directly to your broadband modem bypassing router and switches as well (at least for testing).

  • Hi Greg , CraigS i appreciate your fast response, on my eset antivirus i already allowed wirecast application and on network firewall no logs showing that wirecast is block by our network firewall, im using wirecast 13.0.2 Studio license, 

  • guys you can check my actual video here:

  • BinaryCode Quit Wirecast and try running this from your computer using a webcam.

  • BinaryCode said:
    no logs showing that wirecast is block by our network firewall, i

     This would be webrtc, not Wirecast.

  • Hi CraigS here's the result after running webrtc test

  • BinaryCode Thanks for that. 

    Can you connect your computer directly to your broadband modem (no router, switch, wifi)?
    Also create a New User Admin account and test in that account.

  • CraigS said:
    Can you connect your computer directly to your broadband modem (no router, switch, wifi)?


    Hi CraigS

    our problem is already resolved :), we tried to connect our streaming server directly to the router as per your advice, the problem is in our firewall. Now i will double check our firewall to see what port needs to be allowed, please ping me incase you have any idea about this. Thank You CraigS  we appreciate your support/help :)

    Godbless . . . . 

    Best Regards

  • BinaryCode You're welcome of course. In theory, it should find a method to communicate but a third party utility could block communication. A while back we had a customer with "little snitch" which monitored "phone home" communication that some apps make and apparently blocked it on their system. 

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  • Hi CraigS!

    What help do I need to enable ports in Wirecast Randezvous for enterprise firewall (PFSense)?

    Thank you for your help, in advance!

    Regard: Gabor

  • Enyedi J. Gábor Rendezvous uses WebRTC, and is designed to work without special rules expect in very secure installations, where the security policy is very aggressive. I'd suggest trying https://test.webrtc.org/ to do some basic tests. Not all of them will pass. You do not need IPV6 or reflexive connectivity.

    I hope that is useful.


  • Hi Greg! Unfortunately, the answer did not provide a solution. Using the system after the firewall is completely insecure. It is okay to use public or mobile internet. But obviously my goal is not to use unprotected internet in the corporate environment. Is there any information about which ports WebRTC uses for traffic, please help me find out....

    Thanks  Gabor

  • Enyedi J. Gábor said:
    Using the system after the firewall is completely insecure

    I did not suggest that... and I agree with you. What we are talking about here is a firewall that interprets flows dynamically, and opens up required ports. There is no specific port to open for Rendezvous as far as I am aware.

    I have not tested or researched it directly, but I would assume that Rendezvous uses upnp or similar in communicating to the firewall to let it know what is required. Have you actually tried it and seen a failure? Can you also monitor on your firewall port requests from Wirecast at the time of establishing the rendezvous session? That should give you more insights.

    But in summary, it works for everyone I know of without needing to do any firewall config.


  • Greg Kuhnert 


    I found this guide to run WebRTC, configure it in the firewall accordingly and test it:


    Your WebRTC client will send packets to the following ports during the 3 phases of establishing a WebRTC connection.

    1. signaling: 80 or 443 if using websockets
    2. discovery: 3478 is the default port for communicating with STUN/TURN servers but some might be configured to listen to 19305/19307 (Google’s STUN), 5349 (TLS), 80 or 443.
    3. the actual p2p connection: you’ll be sending data to a random port in the 0-65535 range opened by your peer’s device/router during discovery.



  • Enyedi J. Gábor The details you found are consistent with what I mentioned initially. Its dynamic.

    Signaling is port 80 or 443 outbound. Thats where your Wirecast client tells Wirecast external rendezvous servers of your open session request, and advises the return port number. There are no special firewall rules required, unless you block access to the web by default. The port number is selected by Wirecast RANDOMLY and cannot be pre-determined in firewall rules. Wirecast will send packets to your firewall to dynamically open this return port. Again, no special rules required as long as your firewall supports upnp. Unless you work in a bank, this should work seamlessly

    The STUN port is required for devices that do not support upnp, which is a fairly rare occurrence. As per my earlier post, it should just work out of the box - and has done so just about every where I have seen Wirecast deployed. If you DO have upnp blocked, there are other concerns as well. This will require your video traffic to traverse an external server which may not be located close to you from a network perspective, which can cause performance impacts.

    Conclusion: You dont need to open any ports unless you work in a bank or some other special case location.


  • Enyedi J. Gábor In short, Greg has pretty much described how WebRTC and, therefore, Rendezvous works.

  • Public Beta Wirecast 13.1.2 has been posted in the forum (see forum headers) which addresses Rendezvous issues so feel free to test.

  • Greg Kuhnert 

    Thank you so much for your support Greg!
    I tried all possible solutions all the way through. Unfortunately, after a firewall, it works absolutely unreliably or doesn’t work at all. We need to create a physical network without a firewall that we use exclusively for that. Mobile network solutions lead to good results, precisely because of their vulnerability.

    Best Regards: Gabor

  • Enyedi J. Gábor Firewall generally shouldn't be an issue though with WebRTC. Granted perhaps there's something about your setup. 

  • I am having this same issue right now, not having the link showing up when trying to create a rendezvous session. I have Wirecast 13.1.1. I am on regular wifi, or even connected with cable to my router. No firewall. It was working fine yesterday with same setup. Any ideas?

  • Juan Munoz Rendezvous is a WEBRTC oem application. I see that in the current situation the server TURN server is undersized. You can't handle traffic fairly. In my experience, it depends on the periods. I started to create my own TURN server, it doesn’t seem like a big deal. I hope this eliminates the annoying mistakes. An alternative is to use obs.ninja, but it is still in its infancy.

  • CraigS If a program were to self-adjust my central firewall, I would immediately kick myself out of my workplace ... Let’s try to delve into solving this problem, because in the current situation, Rendezvous could be an outstanding solution if it worked fairly. Many people from Telestream are now waiting for help in this. Regards: Gabor

  • Enyedi J. Gábor WebRTC is designed to find an open port or use the TURN server. You can test Wirecast Beta 13.1.2 which has improved some aspects of Rendezvous.

    Juan Munoz  please test our public beta.

  • CraigS I tried the beta and all got messed up to the point I had to cancel to liveshots today... why is rendezvous so unstable??

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