Layer Mute

As we all know, Wirecast has 5 layers, which is good for layering shots on top of each other. When you use (for example) Skype NDI sources (or even Rendezvous sources), you might switch shots from a video perspective, and you will lose audio from that source. But that is not what is wanted.

The workaround is to put copies of your video sources in layer 5 in a single shot that will always be active. Even if the vision is switched, audio will be unchanged.

BUT, the side effect of this practice, is that after adding a source in a higher layer, you get double audio when that shot is selected.

Ultimately, the whole audio switching and routing needs to be re-designed. BUT, as a workaround, can we have a mute checkbox per layer, where audio can be totally disabled for that layer. That way, when you add new video shots, it will be muted, and audio can be controlled in just one place (for example on Layer 5). That would greatly help people who are using a single layer for audio control.


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