Layers setup, iOS screen capture, system audio capture, CPU usage

Hi Wirecast,


Craig helped me the other day choosing hardware and now I’m moving forward with the setup. I’ve run into questions and a couple of issues, but it’s overall way easier than it seemed.


My workflow is actually quite simple. I teach over Skype, so my student will see four screen configurations:

1) Video capture only, full screen. This needs keyboard shortcut C.

2) Screen capture, slides from the right on top of video capture. Shortcut S.

3) Screen capture, with crop and opacity changes, slides from the bottom on top of video capture. Shortcut W.

4) Screen capture, slides from the right and pushes video capture. Both are cropped to take half the screen each. Shortcut E.


My layer setup, attempt 1:

I tried to add just one instance of video capture in a shot on Layer 3 (keyboard shortcut C), and my screen captures in three shots on layer 1 that I could toggle to slide in and out (keyboard shortcuts S, W and E). AutoLive on.

However, when I turned on a screen capture, it had a black background. What’s odd is that using mouse clicks, they behaved exactly like I wanted - screen over video, both visible in the canvas. Using the keyboard shortcuts, only screen capture and black background.


So, my layer setup, attempt 2:

I added three shots with a video capture + a screen capture, and a fourth shot with a video capture alone. It does what I need, with the keyboard shortcuts. The smooth transition is awesome, transitions work beautifully.

QUESTION: It’s overly complicated and unnecessarily heavy with four instances of video capture in all shots. Is my logic wrong in my first setup attempt?


I will need to capture an iPad screen, actually. I read somewhere that Wirecast Go offers this, but I couldn’t find the option. I don’t have an iPad at the moment, so I tested Wirecast Go with an iPhone. The wireless camera source showed up and worked wonderfully, but I didn’t see a new source for the iPhone screen capture.

QUESTION: Is there a way to do this with Wirecast Go alone, without QuickTime or third party solutions?


I also need System Audio Capture, so that my student can hear audio that I play. But I can’t send my student’s voice back to them. I wouldn’t like to use third party solutions like SoundFlower because I’m worried that the audio may get out of sync with my lips.

QUESTION: Can I remove Skype’s audio from what Wirecast captures, without third party solutions like SoundFlower?

I’m testing this on a MacBook Pro 2018, which has a T2 chip, and I read another post that says it doesn’t work yet without bypassing the chip with a USB interface.

QUESTION: Is it still the case? Is there a new audio driver in the works?


Finally, CPU usage seemed too high, reaching 40% during virtual camera output.
QUESTION: Is there anything I could do to keep cpu usage lower?

  • macOS Catalina 10.15.2
  • Wirecast Trial version 13.0.2
  • The test machine is a MBP2018 with a quad-core 8th gen i5, with no dGPU. The definitive machine will be a 27” iMac with a 8-core 9th gen i9 and a Radeon Pro 580X.
  • Wirecast Canvas size 1280x720, 30fps


Thanks a lot

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