OSC - TCP/IP remote control feature

It would be great to have OSC control feature for wirecast.



Important things to controls would be:

- Select shot / shots

- Start stream output

- Start disk rec 

- Go live / transition x

- Audio level 


Today there is no really working way to controll wirecast from any modern show control software and it would be so great to have this ability!

This would mean for us that you could run more complex live shows smoothly.

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  • Forgot to mention that feedback on OSC would be great also so controlling system could know the state of controlled item is.

  • I voted for this, but so that you know, all (except audio Level), can be achieved with the stream deck plugin.

  • Roope Berg  also fill out a Wirecast Feature Request form so we can send you a case number so I can track potential development. 

    The developers like specific use cases so you may want to explain how you personally want to use this. For example, do you have specific control software in mind or do you plan on developing such software?

  • This would be great!

  • Jon Akbar If you truly believe that then please vote for it. Posts aren't counted, only votes.

  • Hi Craig, where do I go to vote?

  • Jon Akbar Where it says Vote at the top next to the subject.

  • Done, thank you.

  • Jon Akbar You're welcome of course.

  • I previously requested something similar here

    I agreed this would be extraordinarily useful.

    The main use case is for when you need to control Wirecast from another computer. The Streamdeck plugin is fine, but isn’t helpful unless you’re at the machine. If you’re trying to automate actions from a remote machine, or get feedback on a large number of Wirecast instances remotely to monitor status you need some kind of control protocol.

  • I think controlling Wirecast with OSC is still a topic for us. We would really like to shoot the Scenes/Layers by OSC. "Push"😉

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