can Rendezvous' guests use Wirecast as well?

Hi there

Can I have a Rendezvous conversation with another Wirecast?

I'm trying with Web source and the guest link and It crashes, so I'm not sure that would be possible. 

So, two Wirecasts with same Rendezvous conversation as source. We want same conversation in both Wirecast's live stream.

Thanks in advance.

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  • I've thought about this a few times. You'd need to screen capture on one end. Perhaps in the future, there will be rendezvous to rendezvous linkage possible - but we're not there today.


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  • That's an interesting idea. Please explain the complete idea. Two different people live streaming the same conversation? You could have one live stream and share or embed in two destinations. It really depends on what you're doing and why. 

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  • Yes. that's the idea. Two different people streaming the same rendezvous conversation.

    I'm sure We can do that in another way but we were asking about Rendezvous way.

    thanks for your replys

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  • Maria Palotes Normally you'd just "share" the one destination. It depends on your CDN. Embed code can be used on multiple websites. Facebook Live Streams can be "Shared" to other Pages. Streaming the same Rendezvous conversation would, in most cases, be inefficient. Wirecast itself can stream to multiple destinations at the same time if you want to do it that way as well.

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  • thank you very much Craig!

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  • Maria Palotes You're welcome of course.

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  • CraigS .

    I think there is merit in exploring this further. Imagine two different people streaming. Each sees the other's RAW camera as a rendezvous input (as selected in Rendezvous dashboard). If you get real fancy, lets pretend cameras at both ends have a green screen.

    Those rendezvous inputs could be chromakeyed at receiving ends - and mixed into DIFFERENT visual representations at each end. Two shows being produced live, with one set of input camera content.

    What do other people think? Would this be a worthwhile addition to Wirecast?


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  • Greg Kuhnert Although I single user can have two Wirecast documents open with the same or different sources. It might be worthwhile to see if Rendezvous sources from one call show in both. 

    Greg Kuhnert said:
    Two shows being produced live, with one set of input camera content.

     The question may be whether the WebRTC server itself supports this.

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  • CraigS Nope - It doesn't work. You'd have to do two rendezvous calls. The smarter option would require a change in Rendezvous - To allow one end of a rendezvous session IN WIRECAST (not in a web browser) to initiate a link to another Wirecast instance. Its all theoretically possible. I won't list as a formal feature request - I am curious to see if others would like this to be implemented however.


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  • Greg Kuhnert I'm wondering if the limit is server side though.

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  • In the WebRTC framework, endpoints are all peers. I understand that Wirecast has embedded capabilities that act as a peer, just like any other client. But it has a few extra capabilities that are specific to Wirecast layered on top. Disconnecting guests being the main one.

    I could probably work out a way to jerry-rig this by cheating, and embedding a rendezvous URL in one document, which is then opened at two wirecast locations. This would allow (theoretically) both wirecast endpoints to join the one session.

    If this works, the only thing required to make this more flexible would be the capability instead of creating a new session (or rejoining an existing session)... to have an input field in the rendezvous dashboard where you can provide the rendezvous url that was provided at the far end.

    I'd be willing to test this if you have some time Craig.


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