eGPU Support For ScreenFlow


Will Screenflow support eGPU's in 2019?

If so, what GPU cards will you recommend.

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  • Please do request. I suspect only those officially supported by the operating would be considered.

    ScreenFlow Feature Request

  • Please do vote on eGPU support as we'd like to gauge user interest for development priority.

  • I'd love to see this. Has become much more important to my daily workflow due to COVID-19 – as a teacher I'm now producing video every day. I'd gladly invest in an eGPU to help out my (pretty well-equipped) 2018 Mac Mini if I knew that it would increase export speeds. Currently seeing a 30 minute video take longer than that to export from Screenflow.

  • Yes, please, I'd love to see eGPU support in Screenflow too. I'm about to replace my Mac mini and whether Screenflow will support eGPU will affect what Mac I decide to get, and whether I stick with Screenflow.

  • Nick Winter Do note that Blackmagic/Apple discontinued the eGPU Pro and the standard eGPU is not unavailable so we may need to see what the status is of eGPU support by Apple. See this.

    • I'm not sure what the general world of eGPU's are up to...

      But as a real-world use case --- (this isn't really ScreenFlow's fault): 

      my 13" Macbook Pro (late 2019) is loud!!! I have 5k worth of computer + camera + and fancy audio gear... but my fan is so loud - that it feels like it's all for nothing.

      In my case - I'm recording 200 hours of video course stuff - and a big part of the course is specifically about working on a small computer - so, I'm trying to do the entire thing - on a 13" MacBook specifically - - - and a beefier computer isn't' really an option - because I need to record this specific screen.

      So - yeah. Anything that would take the pressure off - and get this fan quiet would be worth thousands of dollars to me.

      (any ideas would be appreciated / is there something I'm overlooking? Can I set my computer on a giant heatsync?)

  • It doesn't help anyone in the near term, but my hope is that Telestream is now putting all their engineering effort into getting Screenflow to take full advantage of the graphics capabilities of Apple Silicon. I can say for certain that an Apple Silicon-based Mac is definitely in my future – either an iMac or the Mac mini – probably whatever Apple releases first.

  • Russell Gordon said:
    my hope is that Telestream is now putting all their engineering effort into getting Screenflow to take full advantage of the graphics capabilities of Apple Silicon.

     We certainly plan on supporting Apple's new direction with Apple Silicon. We will be testing and building directly on the developer's Mac Mini.

    • CraigS That's good to hear, thanks for the quick reply, Craig!

      To be honest, I don't think anyone loves the idea of an external GPU. Like any computer user, we just want tasks to be done quickly, but I totally get that this is easier said than done when crunching 4 or 5K video streams. 😀

      I can't wait to see what Apple gives us on Apple Silicon – and hopefully, for all but the most demanding Hollywood professionals, things like an external GPU will be a thing of the past!

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      Russell Gordon From the developers' videos on GPU functions the integrated GPU functions should be much faster due to the integrated design that has made the iPad Pro reasonable graphics systems for games, drawing, photo work.

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